The BOSS 302 Registry Carburetor
The BOSS 302 carburetor is a Holley Model 4150-C 4-V. It flows 780 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and is one of the largest flowing carburetors Ford ever put into production. The 1969 Ford part number is C9ZF-9510-J. The 1970 part number is D0ZF-9510-Z.
The 1969 carburetor came with a vented front bowl which had a rubber cap on an arm that closed as the carburetor came off the idle position.

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In the photo immediately below of this 1970 carburetor you can see the Ford part number. The second line is the Holley list number (1969=4511,1970=4653). The third line is the date of manufacture (Year, month, week).
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Note the bowl attaching screws have slotted heads. Later replacement carburetors may have hex head screws.

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