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The BOSS 302 distributor for both 1969 and 1970 is a dual point, vacuum advance, vacuum retard design. It carries part number C9ZF-12127-E. The 1971 BOSS 302 part number is D1ZF-12127-AA.

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We are seeing distributors from other Ford applications modified to look like (fake) BOSS 302 distributors for sale. Here's how to spot the imposters:
dist17.JPG (88340 bytes) You might think it would be easy to go by part numbers. Not this time. The real BOSS 302 distributor has casting part number C8OF-12131-A but...
above photo courtesy of Kevin Manley
dist16.jpg (59828 bytes) so do the imposters. Ford used the same casting for other applications besides the BOSS 302.
above photo courtesy of Roy Lim
dist14.jpg (41949 bytes) The first clue to look for is the location of where the wire exits the casting. Here is the BOSS 302 distributor. Note the angle.
dist15.jpg (72812 bytes) The imposter distributor has the wire exiting at a larger angle from the vacuum advance.
Above photo courtesy of Roy Lim . Angle dimensions added by Jeff Finley
dist8.jpg (77914 bytes) Another thing to look out for is restamps. This casting appears to have been sanded down and then the "E" was restamped over a previous letter. Possibly a "C".
above photo courtesy of Roy Lim
dist10.jpg (80371 bytes) Same distributor, different view. Note the part number "12127" here and in the above picture. Numerals do not look to have consistent height.
above photo courtesy of Roy Lim
dist20.JPG (80460 bytes) Not an exactly perfect stamped "E" from Ford on this one. Note the date code "9J13" depth and clarity vs. the "OC11" above.
above photo courtesy of Kevin Manley
dist18.JPG (75404 bytes) The vacuum advance on the BOSS 302 distributor is stamped with "X12".
above photo courtesy of Kevin Manley
dist9.jpg (61442 bytes) On the imposter vacuum advance, the stamping may not be straight. Look for differences in the size and  font (style) of the letter and numbers.
above photo courtesy of Roy Lim
Remember, the BOSS 302 distributor is dual point with vacuum advance and vacuum retard. If you see a distributor being advertised as BOSS 302 with single points or a single vacuum advance, even if the part has C9ZF-12127-E on it, run away!

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