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50th anniversary BOSS Reunion 2019. Labor Day Weekend 2019.

Held in conjunction with: Auto Interests and CARFEST
Web: &

Location: Pittsburg International Race Complex

50 years of BOSS 302. How could we miss an important anniversary like that? For more details and information join the conversation here.

BOSS Reunion 2011. August 5-7, 2011. Dearborn, Michigan.

Aug. 5 - Friday  - 7:30 AM to 3 PM AAI Mustang Plant Tour and Track Ride, Flat Rock, MI.
Aug. 6 - Saturday - 11 AM to 4 PM Roush car collection and Concours judging, Livonia, MI.
Aug. 6 - Saturday - 5 PM to 8 PM Dinner at Warren Valley Country Club,        Dearborn Heights, MI. VIP Guests:  Donald Farr editor and author, retired Ford BOSS 302 engineers Bill Barr and Mat Donner plus 2012 BOSS 302 engineers.
Aug. 7 - Sunday - 8 AM - 5 PM Mustang Memories All-Ford Car Show and Swap Meet, Ford World Headquarters, Dearborn, MI.

As you can see from the schedule above this was quite an event. It had just about everything a BOSS 302 owner could want. We would like to thank the following people (in no particular order) for their part in making this event as great as it could be:

Lisa Leathery - event and hotel coordination.

Donald Farr - Signing autographs for his new book and guest speaker.

Kevin Marti - Owner of Marti Autoworks and guest speaker.

Bill Barr - Retired Ford Motor Company BOSS 302 engine engineer and guest speaker.

Mat Donner -  Retired Ford Motor Company BOSS 302 chassis engineer, signing autographs and guest speaker.

Bill Cook - Ford Motor Company employee and fellow BOSS 302 Registry member. He had the right contacts and connections to make this event happen.

Mike Rey - President of the Mustang Owners Club of Southeast Michigan (MOCSEM) for his efforts in coordinating this event and all the MOCSEM membership for their hospitality in hosting us at The Mustang Memories Car Show and Swap Meet.

The Ford Motor Company employees at the AAI Mustang Plant for their hospitality and the plant tour.

The people at Roush Industries for their hospitality in opening and hosting us at The Roush Collection.

Photo links courtesy of Bill Cook:

AAI Plant Tour and Track Event 8/5/11

Roush Collection Tour 8/6/11

Ford World Headqurters 8/7/11 Show We had 141 BOSS cars in attendance!

Must see! Video montage from the AAI plant courtesy of The Ford Motor Company.

We are proud to say the BOSS Car Nationals 2005 - BOSS CARS REUNITED was a huge success! Held June 3-5 2005. Hosted by Carlisle Events, the BOSS 302, 351, BOSS Eliminator Registries along with BOSS 429 owners within the All Ford Nationals 2005 at Carlisle, PA. (See photos below!)

Special Thanks!

Ok, took me a while to try and think of everyone to thank, but here goes. Now I know I will forget someone, please respond to this thread if I do, but only respond for that fact. These are in no special order.

First, Don Goebel for getting us in contact with Bud Moore in the first place and making that happen. He also was selling some really nice Nationals shirts that were white golf type. I believe he sold out by the end of the event.

Henry Rasmussen for making some special items and bringing some cool stuff to the event. Also, for the great auction he held at the BBQ. He knew how to suck the cash out of Mark Brown's wallet :) Very entertaining. Thanks for the $$ donation Henry. Very kind of you.

Donald Farr for signing books and anything that was thrown at him. He also helped me hand out door prizes at the BBQ.

Frank Bowers for sending a TA tape that we had rolling for everyone to watch. Hope you guys liked that movie area.

Doug Duncan for setting up the Hooters gala. Man what fun. Also, thank you for the nice glass trophy presentation. I will display that proudly. And thank your wife for trying out and winning the Miss FORD Carlisle pageant.

Gregg Anderson for sitting at the registration table and taking care of 'stuff' in general.

Darryl Martin, Brandon Solano, Mike Hartman and Todd Eby for parking cars and working on their tan. And also for stuffing BBQ tickets and setting up the compendium sheets for DocBOSS. These guys worked hard and had to listen to why some owners didn't want to park where they were told. Unsung heroes in my book. Brandon also supplied the Ice Breakers Liquid Ice for your enjoyment.

Jim Turrich for making the Tee Shirts for the event, the concours metal plaques and the metal plaques for the door prizes.

Rick Parker for holding a reception for the west coast caravan and bringing a few hats for us to enjoy.

Brett Cooper for paying big bucks out of his pocket so we could have some very nice lanyards. Henry Rasmussen helped earn some money for us to help him financially so he could go home to his wife :) He also sat at his computer for hours making name tags for everyone. What a guy. Thanks Brett. And we didn't even ask him, but it looked like he was having fun.

Mark Brown for driving that distance, displaying his car and going out of his way to pick up people in his caravan so they could be in one big group. Thanks for the little west coast goodie bag man!

Gary Pechman for bringing that keg o' beer and having those cool beer mugs for people to buy.

Rex Fields for having Mr. Carlisle for us to sample. Man, he was really good!

Bill Andreson for making the Nationals posters and being part of Ross Myers crew.

Terry Bookhiemer for talking Ross Myers into bringing the TA cars. These guys were great to drink beer with at their truck. Can't thank this crew enough.

Greg Carlson, Mike DeVilbiss, Billy Jay Espich, Ralf Vietze, Don Goebel and others for their gifts.

Thanks so much!


BOSS Car Nationals 2005

Award Winners!

Popular voting winners are:

1969 BOSS 302

1st Menzo Peck
2nd Paul Sandy
3rd Billy Jay Espich

1969 BOSS 429

1st Todd Hart
2nd Joe Spinelli
3rd Gawain Wood

1970 BOSS 302

1st Harold Dragon
2nd Rich West
3rd Richard Modica

1970 BOSS 429

1st Scott Kauffman
2nd Gino Lucci
3rd Brett Cooper

1971 BOSS 351

1st Scott Kauffman
2nd Tom Frazier
3rd Bob Conklin

BOSS Cougar

1st Jeff Finley
2nd Brian Carpenter
3rd David Wyrwas

BOSS Concours

David Reynolds BOSS 302 - Silver
Tod Ryan BOSS 302 -
Reg Stockwell BOSS 302 - Silver
Eric Petosa BOSS Cougar - Gold
Brett Cooper BOSS 429 - Gold
Rich West BOSS 302 - Gold
Rich West BOSS 429 - Gold
Virgil Dawson BOSS 429 - Gold
Tin Mulvihill BOSS 302 - Gold
David Birchmire - Gold
Jim Zappala BOSS 302 - Gold
Gino Lucci BOSS 429 - Gold
Tim McCleary BOSS 429 - Gold
George Munsterman BOSS 302 - Bronze

Long Distance Award

Goes to Mark Brown.

BOSS Car Nationals 2005 Records:

7 BOSS 302 Cougar Eliminators

23 BOSS 429s

Still counting the BOSS 302 Mustangs

Under carrier Overhead Area 'A' Overhead Area 'A' #2 Swap meet and BOSS 302s BOSS 302 area 'B' and swap meet 2005 Nationals HQ
BOSS 302 Area 'B' hoods up Loading up Autograph session with Donald Farr (left) and Bud Moore Inside Display #2 Indoor Display Barbeque!
For more information and links to pictures, click here: BOSS Nationals 2005
What you missed at the Mustang's 40th Anniversary, Nashville, TN. 4-17-2004:
nash40a.jpg (171383 bytes)
nash40b.jpg (40378 bytes)

Registry members at Mustang's 40th Anniversary - Nashville, TN. 4-17-2004.

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