The BOSS 302 Registry Intake Manifold
The stock BOSS 302 intake manifold. The 1969 production parts carried part number "C9FE9424E" cast at the front with very few parts having an additional date code cast just in front of the carburetor. The spark plug firing order, "1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8", is cast into the rear of the part. Early castings had a spelling error, "FIREING ORDER" above the numerals and poor castings of the numerals (faint or missing).

The 1970 version had part number "C9ZE9424-E" and are no different than the C9FE except that they have date codes and the corrected words "FIRING ORDER"  appear above the "1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8" numerals.

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Above you can see the part number and the date of manufacture. Below is the underside with the words "Buddy Barr", the name of the part supplier.

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Early service parts were the C9ZE9424-E version. The BOSS 302 was planned for 1971 but cancelled just before production began. Most of the tooling for the 1971 parts was complete so 1971 parts were produced and used for later service parts. They turn up occasionally like this intake manifold with part number "D1ZE9424-EA".
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intake5.jpg (16459 bytes) Front of the engine view. The large facing hole on the left is the thermostat location. Small facing hole on right is the location of the temperature sender for the instrument cluster.
Parts for modifying the BOSS 302 engine were made as well by aftermarket manufacturers. Here is a dual quad intake manifold. Note "Shelby" is cast into this one.

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A Roush BOSS 302 intake.
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