The BOSS 302 Registry Paint By Numbers
by Jeff Finley
Information provided by the Ford Motor Company, Marti AutoWorks and Vince Mioduszewski
One of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) is how many 1969 or 1970 BOSS 302 Mustangs were painted _______ color? Thanks to Kevin Marti and  Vince Mioduszewski (Goldenboss), here are the answers.

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1969 Colors

9 Bright Yellow     9F02G189049 649
3 Calypso Coral (Vermillion)  9F02G208094 410
6 Acapulco Blue    9F02G222453 375
M Wimbledon White    621thumb.jpg (51574 bytes) 194



1970 Colors

D Bright Yellow   audthumb.jpg (1355 bytes) 1454
1 Calypso Coral  0F02G147413 866
J Grabber Blue  0F02G194983 861
U Grabber Orange  0F02G156786 832
G Medium Lime Metallic  70-4thum.jpg (119600 bytes) 752
T Red  0F02G109403 505
Q Medium Blue Metallic  0F02G199218 460
M Wimbledon White   0T02G152149 437
Z Grabber Green  0T02G128056 352
K Bright Gold Metallic  0F02G169122 337
N Pastel Blue  0F02G169121 66
Sp. Special Order Paint    0F02G155271 64
Y Chestnut Metallic  ycodeth.jpg (1326 bytes) 14
F Dark Aqua Metallic  781thumb.jpg (1395 bytes) 9
9 Yellow 4
6 Bright Blue Metallic 1
2 Light Ivy Yellow 0



To the right is a section of the final version of the 1970 Mustang Body and Trim Color Combination Chart. The left column of the chart is simply numbered 1-19. The center is the color name. The right column is the paint codes you are used to seeing like in the above tables.

Below is a small note on the specifics of the 1970 BOSS 302 program color combinations.

Note 1


BOSS "302" Program - Body Codes 63A, 63B - RPO (Regular Production Option)

Available with Standard A/V (all vinyl) or Flair K/V (Deluxe knitted vinyl), C/V (cloth vinyl) Interior Trim Sets

"Available with following exterior colors..." which are noted by the column numbers on the left in Chart 1. Notice the colors that were not available. Paint code 6 is one but we know there was one built from the table above. How did that happen? It apparently went through and was not a Special Order paint? We have always had Light Ivy Yellow in the above table yet there was zero produced. Well, no wonder, according to the note it was not available. If there is a BOSS 302 out there with that color, it would be a Special Order color.

The rest of the note covers the codes for the  BOSS 302 stripes and textured black paint locations.

Chart 1

This little note covers the 1970 Spring Time Promotion.

Note 2

Ford introduced three new colors (17-19 in Chart 1) as a sales promotion. It started on (or shortly after) 4-15-70. That is why you see colors 1, 9 and 13 with a line through them in Chart 1 noting they were deleted on that date to allow for production of the new colors. Notice colors 17-19 are not in Note 1. Notice in our color table above there were a small number of BOSS 302's produced in these colors. Hmmm? Not in the BOSS 302 note (Note 1) as available yet we have cars in those colors. Was there a hole in the Ford order system that allowed BOSS 302's to be ordered and built in Spring Time colors? Or was Note 1 never updated to include the Spring Time colors? Also, if there are any cars in color 9 after 4-15-70 they would be Special Order color since 9 was no longer available as regular production.

If you are wondering where is the 1969 Mustang Color and Trim Combination Chart the answer is, yes, we have seen one version. However, that version does not include the 1969 BOSS 302 program.
There is a 1969 Color and Trim Combination Chart for the Cougar Eliminator. Same colors as the 1969 BOSS 302 Mustang. See below.

Note 3










Interesting that 17, Bright Yellow, is listed as having paint code K. Mistake? We know Bright Yellow was paint code 9 for 1969.

Chart 2

The 1970 Cougar chart and notes look a lot like the 1970 Mustang chart and notes with the same Spring Time Promotion. Note "Platinum" is commonly known as Pastel Blue. (Chart 1, Chart 3 and note 4)


Note 4

Chart 3

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