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Pertronix Install

by Jeff Finley

A common and easy to install aftermarket upgrade to our cars is the Pertronix IgnitorTM. The Pertronix IgnitorTM replaces the points and condenser inside the distributor. There are enough questions on the messageboard that warrants a little how-to article. Disclaimer warning: in no way shape or form are we affiliated with, evaluating, endorsing, recommending or not recommending this product.
Take a look at the drawing (schematic) below. It shows the generic ignition circuitry including the Rev Limiter (Engine Governor Assembly) (more about the Rev Limiter here) as originally installed by Ford.
revschem.jpg (24080 bytes)
Pertronix specifies their system requires 8 volts (v) minimum and 16 volts maximum. The minimum voltage is our biggest concern here. First thing to do, with car running, is measure the voltage between the "BATT" terminal on the coil and the negative terminal on the battery. Is the voltage consistently stable above 8.0v? If yes, you can power the system using the coil terminal as shown below.
persch11.jpg (26480 bytes)
If your voltage measurement between the "BATT" terminal on the coil and the negative terminal on the battery is below 8.0v, inconsistent or just barely above 8.0v you need to run another wire from a Start/Run +12v circuit to the Pertronix IgnitorTM for it to operate reliably. See schematic below.

perschem.jpg (28290 bytes)

The easiest way to do this in the BOSS 302 is to use the carburetor solenoid wire. It is a Start/Run +12v source already under the hood. This is the blue wire with the white female terminal that exits at the center-left dash panel shown below.
soleterm.jpg (19941 bytes)
You will also need a male (bullet) terminal (similar to the one shown below) to splice or solder to the Pertronix IgnitorTM red wire and connect to the existing solenoid wire terminal.
maleterm.jpg (9760 bytes)
If you have the carburetor solenoid installed you will not need a male terminal but you will have to connect (solder) the Pertronix red wire to the existing solenoid feed wire (or find an alternative Start/Run +12v source and run the Pertronix red wire there but that is beyond the scope of this article).

If you are currently running a 12v coil then you should have already bypassed or eliminated the Ford harness ballast resistor (resistance) wire with your own Start/Run +12v wire and can probably attach the Pertronix power wire to it.

persch12.jpg (24842 bytes)
Please note: use this information at your own risk. While we believe this information to be correct, we are not responsible for damage to your car or parts. Always refer to the manufacturer's installation instructions.

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This page last updated: January 13, 2015