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Power Steering Pulleys

by Jeff Finley, with a little help from the messageboard

The 1969 BOSS 302 uses a power steering pump pulley with engineering part number C9OR-3A733-C. The service part number is C9OZ-3A733-C. The pulley is black and has stampings of "90B" and reportedly "S". The diameter is 6.375 (6 3/8) inches.

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The 1970 BOSS 302 uses a power steering pump pulley assembly (The hub and pulley together form an assembly.) with Ford engineering part number D0OR-3D673-A and service part number D0OZ-3A733-A. It is painted black and is stamped with the Ford oval and "D00R-A".
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Keep a sharp eye out for the nearly identical 351C D0OR-3D673-B (D0OZ-3A733-B) power steering pump pulley assembly. It too is painted black but is stamped with "D00R-B".

Ok, so what's the difference? The difference is in the diameter. The D00R-A, BOSS 302 pulley, nominal diameter is 6.52 inches. The D00R-B, 351C pulley, nominal diameter is 6.24 inches. Diameter difference = 0.28 inches. Right, only slightly over a quarter inch (1/4) different.

The 1970 BOSS 302 pulley being slightly larger means it turns the power steering pump slightly slower than the non-BOSS 302 pulley. Ford probably used the D00R-A pulley on the BOSS 302 due to the BOSS 302's higher RPM capability. Don't have or can't find a D00R-A? Don't worry, the D00R-B should work just fine for most driving applications. There are owners out there right now that have a D00R-B and probably don't even know it. Only the true BOSS 302 expert will know the difference when looking at your engine. We even have reports of BOSS 302 cars coming from the factory with the D00R-B. A mistake at the assembly plant? That would never...

Vehicles that share these pulleys:

90B: BOSS 429.

D0OR-A: 1970 Torino 429 ThunderJet and without A/C

D0OR-B: 1970-72 Torino with 302/351 all, and with 429 ThunderJet and with A/C; 1970 Torino with 429 CobraJet all; 1970 Mustang with 351C all; 1971 Maverick with 302 all.

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