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We often receive requests for photographs of parts or certain views showing an installation, paint codes or body colors. We gladly send photos to the requestor when we can. We know you members are out there sharing photos amongst yourselves as well. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could see these photos and find them all in one location? Yes, we thought so too. We've created the "Reference Section" to do just that. Next time you send a reference photo for someone, copy us on that e-mail and we'll post it here.
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1970 Dearborn Trunk/spare 1970 Spare tire close up 1970 Spare inflator bottle 1970 Left Headlight Trunk - Right
1970 Metuchen Trunk/Spare 1970 Metuchen Trunk 1970 Metuchen Trunk Lid Underside 1970 Metuchen Jack/Spare Stowage Label Bob Perkins '70 Metuchen Ginger Interior Bob Perkins '70 Metuchen left rear light area
Bob Perkins - '70 Metuchen pinch weld black out/ underbody Bob Perkins - '70 Metuchen black overspray around shaker opening Bob Perkins - '70 Metuchen engine Bob Perkins - '70 Metuchen rear spoiler/trunk lid overspray Bob Perkins '70 Metuchen left underhood Bob Perkins '70 Metuchen trunk lid
Bob Perkins '70 Metuchen engine 1969 trunk left side original paint 1969 Trunk lid black out 1969 trunk - left side original paint
Underbody Underbody Left Underbody Right Rear - Fore Underbody Rear - Aft Underbody Rear - Aft Left Underbody Rear - Aft Right
Underbody Front - Fore Underbody Front - Aft Underbody Front - Right Underbody Front - Left

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