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BOSS 302 Mustang Registration Form

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. Your name and/or address are not necessary if you wish to omit them, although we urge you to include them. There is no registration fee. Adding your car to the registry is free. You can resubmit this form anytime if you wish to update your registration.

The requested information can be found on your vehicle's door data tag and under the hood in the noted places. If you select "Other" in any of the form fields, please explain in the box provided to the right of the field. If you do not know, select "I don't know."

* = required information.

Note: You must have JavaScript ON to submit the form.


V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number)

* V.I.N. begins with (first 5 digits):

* V.I.N. ends with (last 6 digits)

Check here if Door Data Plate is missing.
*Body Style Code
*Trim Code   Describe Trim if not listed:
*DSO (District Sales Office)  Describe DSO if not listed:
Build Date
*Factory Original Rear Axle Ratio
*Present Rear Axle Ratio  Describe if Other:
*Factory Original Transmission
*Present Transmission    Describe if Other:
*Present Engine   Describe if Other:
Type here the number stamped on the flat section of the engine block just behind the intake manifold. This applies only to the cars that have a Boss 302 engine.
Check here if there is no number on the block.
* Original Ext. Color   Describe if Other:
*Present Ext. Color    Describe if Other:
*Factory Original Interior
*Present Interior.  Other:
*Overall Condition of Car
The checklist below contains most of the highly ordered options and dealer or owner installed modifications. You might be thinking, “Oh, a checklist, I like checklists. This is going to be easy.” This is a two-part checklist. The right side is the easy part. The right side is where you check the items that are currently “Present” on your car. The left side may not be as easy. It is where you check the items that were original options equipped from the “Factory.” This is important because the registry does not already have this information and by checking “Present” on the right does not mean it was originally there from the “Factory.” Shaker hood scoops, rear spoilers and window louvers (slats) were and still are popular add-ons after your car left the Ford plant. A Marti Report or the #2 invoice copy (Eminger or Marti Invoice) is the best source of information to complete the left side of the checklist. We have pre-checked the items we know for sure were factory installed.
Factory Present
Front Spoiler
Rear Spoiler
Slats (Louvers)
Shaker hood scoop (Factory on 1970 only)
Power Steering
Trunk mounted battery
Engine oil cooler (Factory on 1970 only)
Chrome valve covers (Factory on 1969/early '70)
Aluminum valve covers (Factory on 1970 only)
Mach 1 style exhaust tips w/cut outs (not a BOSS 302 option)
Rear fold down seat
Tri-flo exhaust (2 resonators-1 muffler. Factory on 1969 only)
Straight thru dual exhaust (Factory on 1970 only)
Magnum 500 wheels - Argent (Standard on 1969 only)
Magnum 500 wheels - Chrome (Optional '69 & '70)
Hubcaps/trim rings (Standard on 1970)
Hood tachometer
In dash factory tachometer cluster
Tilt steering wheel
Tinted glass
AM radio
AM/FM stereo radio
AM/8-track radio
Electric clock (rectangle)
Electric clock (round rally)
Auto seat back release
Trunk prop rod (1970 only)
California Emissions
The following three items are located under the hood. Please fill these out as best as you can. The metal build tag is located on the passenger inner fender near the hood spring (Metuchen plant) or behind the passenger headlight on the radiator support (Dearborn plant). The engine tag is located near the coil. The R.P.M. (Rev) limiter is on the driver side inner fender.

Metal Build Tag

Engine I.D. Tag

R.P.M. Limiter


Other interesting facts about your car (Mileage, previous owners names, past history, other modifications, "OTHER" options not shown above, etc.):
Please state your name, street address, city, state, country, mail (zip) code and e-mail address in the following box:
Thank you for taking the time to help all BOSS 302 owners document the history of these fine cars.
Check here if you wish to have your name and or/address withheld from publication(s). We do not give names and addresses to mailing list companies.
If you want to receive our "Progress Reports" newsletters there is a mailing fee to receive the next fifteen (15) newsletters. You must send a check or money order payable to "Randy Ream" or "BOSS 302 Registry" in the amount of $10.00 for U.S. mailings, $12.00 for Canadian mailings, or $20.00 for all Overseas mailings to the address below. Make sure you include your name and V.I.N.(s).
care of Randy Ream
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