The BOSS 302 Registry Rogues Gallery
stoplit3.gif (2885 bytes) To lead off this segment, we bring you some special words from one of our members: stoplit3.gif (2885 bytes)
"Something to remember about the registry: Just because a car is listed in the registry does not mean it is a real BOSS. Although the guys who publish and organize it and this website have done an absolutely phenomenal job, it is impossible for them or anyone else to have every single BOSS car looked at and authenticated. Any owner can submit a V.I.N. and a list of options. Buyers must beware and look at hidden V.I.N.'s, numbers and date codes, look for staggered shocks, shock tower supports, and other "BOSS unique" parts and make an independent judgment, or hire a professional. With cars selling for over $25,000* now, it is a worthwhile endeavor for the dishonest to turn a '69-'70 Sportsroof into a BOSS by attaching the correct parts and a G-code title.

Beware!!! Good luck."


* Cars in excellent condition in the year 2001 when this quote was written.

For those of you wondering if it's "ok" to change/alter/tamper with/transfer or even add vehicle identification number (V.I.N.) information to vehicles and/or parts or even remove a V.I.N. plate for cleaning purposes in the United States read here.
**Be Advised** It is illegal to change/alter/tamper with/transfer a V.I.N. plate or parts in Canada. Such actions were just not a criminal offense at the time of this writing.

"OTTAWA, September 28, 2005, The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Irwin Cotler, today introduced proposed amendments to the Criminal Code which target organized motor vehicle theft by making it an offence to tamper with a vehicle identification number (VIN)."

"The Government of Canada is putting forward additional measures to help combat organized crime by making it a criminal offence to alter, obliterate or remove a vehicle's identification number, " said Minister Cotler. "This VIN-tampering bill is aimed at combating the elaborate criminal cycle of theft, disguise and resale."

***DISCLAIMER: The BOSS 302 Registry makes no claim or guarantee nor takes responsibility to the truthfulness or accuracy of the information supplied below. This information is supplied here as an advisory only and is relayed based on what others have told us via direct communications or on our messageboard or by what has been advertised elsewhere (like eBay) to the public.***
With all that in mind, here is a list of vehicles that were reported to the Registry as STOLEN:
Reported to the Registry before this website was created (1998). No additional information.
0F02G182630 Stolen in Camden, NJ. 1982.
0F02G108860 Stolen in Fort Worth, TX. 1986.
0F02G138836 Reported stolen from the Columbus, OH, area June 2, 2003. Rough rolling body only. No engine or trans.
0F02G129981 Reported on our messageboard as stolen from a storage unit in MN in Oct./Nov. 2006. Grabber Orange.
0T02G118146 Reported on our messageboard as stolen in Concord, NC on June 11, 2013. The car was listed on eBay in December, 2012. This comes from a divorce situation where the soon to be ex-wife apparently sold the car out from under the legal owner husband, without his knowledge or consent. Grabber Orange with Vermillion interior. Car was later found in Eagle Lake, Maine. As of September, 2015 lawsuits were being filed to recover the car. Stay tuned.
Be smart people. If, in the one-in-a-million chance, you should happen to run across one of these vehicles or V.I.N.'s (hey, remember what Sam said?) DON'T take the law into your own hands. DON'T do something stupid. DON'T confront the owner. If you feel that strongly about it, contact the local police authorities. Let them handle it. You can contact the BOSS 302 Registry too, if you like. We may be able to contact the person who reported the car stolen.
We also have a list of reported alleged "fake" (rebody) BOSS 302s.
9F02G189050 Reported to the Registry in August, 2005. 9F02G189050 is a rebodied car. The original body was a rusted out shell, so a 1970 fastback body was used. The 1969 BOSS's left shock tower, left door panel, dash V.I.N., and the rear shock mount sheetmetal were installed into the 1970 fastback body. Then appropriate 1969 Mustang and BOSS 302 parts were used to recreate the car. Once completed, the car was sold on E-bay. The car was nicely done, but it is a rebody.
9F02G210946 "The V.I.N. was pulled from a real BOSS and was put on this car, on a 1969 body, the air vents were welded with sheet metal. It was painted white but original car color was yellow according to the information plate."
0F02G117720 Received 1st place in an MCA National (Albuquerque), Concourse Driven, 4 days before it was stolen in San Antonio, TX, June,1988. Research over the years has pointed to the car possibly being retitled as another BOSS with V.I.N. unknown. Very good possibility all identifying numbers were transferred from a wrecked BOSS.

Both quarters replaced. Left quarter additionally had the rear lower panel replaced for rust. Exhaust had MACH 1 chrome tips. Rear valance had cut outs. Factory oil cooler system installed, not original in this car. 351-C 2v shaker assy. Can see workmanship inside. Tail lamp bezels completely black, no argent. Color was yellow.






0T02G126579 is a real BOSS 302 V.I.N. It was reported to us that this car has 4T126759 on the inner fender. We have numerous members with Metuchen cars having "4T" stamped ahead of the last six digits of the V.I.N. on the inner fender stamping. It appears this particular car has a plant stamping error (Look close. Transposed two digits). We do not know if this car is what prompted a report about 0T02G126759.

0T02G126759 is not a real BOSS 302 V.I.N. It was reported to us that there is a car out there which looks like a 1970 BOSS 302 with this number on it. These might be one in the same or two totally different instances.

0T02G158676 This car was reported as crushed. The V.I.N. tags and registration have been for sale on eBay  (June 2003).
0T02G130553 Rebody posted on the messageboard by a member who looked at the car. "The V.I.N. in the windshield isn't even in the correct place."
0T02G131183 Member notified the Registry he was offered for sale "the title and tag to 0T02G131183" by a company in Nova Scotia, Canada, back in June 2001.
9F02G197056 Sounds like a rebody. Quote from the eBay auction: "This 1969 Boss 302 is an excellent looking, running and driving, straight rust free southern car (original floors, quarters, etc). The original DSO was Virginia. Engine number matches the V.I.N. Sometime during the vehicle
restoration, many of the non-specific 1969 parts were replaced with rust free 1970 body parts (mainly the body shell). It was extremely well done. As a result, two Boss specific features (shock tower bracing, staggered rear shocks) are not on this vehicle." - - - This last sentence is the clue here.
V.I.N.'s (cars or engine blocks) with possible issues:
9F02G221299 Car was listed for sale on Hemming's Motor News website around July, 2017. White car with non-BOSS items: MACH 1 hood scoop and hood pins, roof medallions, side scoops, no wrap around front shock towers, 351W engine. Car has BOSS 302 front spoiler, argent Magnum 500s, louvers, rear spoiler, rear stripe, black taillight panel (looked glossy in photos), black hood (looked glossy in photos). No BOSS 302 side stripes.
0F02G106324 A member posted this one on the messageboard. When he got the car home he found 0F0106603 stamped on the inner fenders. 0F0106603 is not a BOSS 302 V.I.N. As far as we know it is a real BOSS 302. Just read below what happened to 0T02G152491.
0F02G134379 Could be a rebody out there somewhere with this V.I.N. plate. The body was up for auction on eBay in March, 2005. "1970 boss 302 shell that is in bad shape not fixable... the V.I.N. are gone from the dash it does have the # on the shock towers they are *0F134379*."
0F02G154197 A '70 coupe (yes, coupe, not even a Sportsroof body) was spotted in the state of WA in May, 2006, with this V.I.N. in the dash and on the driver's door sticker (likely reproduction). Registry information on this V.I.N. is it is a real BOSS 302 V.I.N. and the real BOSS 302 car was Grabber Blue with a blue interior. A real BOSS 302 car fitting this description was featured in the January, 1994, edition of Mustang Monthly and formally owned by NASCAR driver Bill Elliott.
0F02G160698 The dash V.I.N. plate for this BOSS was once found in the dash of a MACH 1 whose V.I.N. is 0F05H107907. The MACH 1 was sold with the BOSS dash plate. Later, the MACH 1 was for sale again on eBay by Don's American Muscle in Ohio without the BOSS dash plate. We don't know what happened to the BOSS dash plate. It is a pretty good chance the rest of the BOSS car no longer exists. If you find either the plate or the car, let us know.
0F02G167721 At one time for sale in eBay auction #2424162471. Regarding the engine block V.I.N. quoted from the auction description: "On the back of the block where the serial number was supposed to be it was blank, it has the number now." The new owner states the block is stamped 0F167721 and it is obvious this is not the original block because this DOZE-6015-C block is date coded May, 1970, but the car was built in March, 1970.
0F02G171220 Text from a Craigslist ad on 11/07/2013:

"1970 Boss 302 Mustang was wrecked in 1980, parts and tags were removed and car was crushed. Sold all parts but still have title from OH and some tags."

0T02G137210 "I bought the car in about 1988 from Northern WV and stripped off what I needed for my car. I sold the car to a guy in Charleston, SC and by the way he talked he was going to transplant the V.I.N. tag to a rust free fastback body. The car was rusted really bad even into the front frame and torque boxes. There was nothing Boss left except the front sway bar and the braced shock towers."
0T02G168870 There is no doubt this V.I.N. is trouble. From the eBay auction 230633265043 in June, 2011: "... this auction is NOT FOR A WHOLE OR COMPLETE CAR.  what i have for your consideration is ONLY the windshield vin# tag and a Lois Eminger factory build sheet, NOT THE COMPLETE CAR." Further it states, "i parted it out and sold the saleable parts. the body was picked CLEAN of all saleable parts and the SHELL was sent to a local scrap yard." This car no longer exists!
0F02G130067 "To all of my BOSS 302 enthusiasts please pass this on as this car so fore mentioned is being sold as a never raced, wrecked, or restored BOSS 302 it is a total fabrication as I used to own this car. Remember it is always buyer beware. But I hate to see someone buy this car for a overly inflated price and find out the car is not as it is stated. This car has been wrecked right front wheel broke off and cowl is bent. They say the numbers can this be....I think someone went overboard with a numbers stamping project!!!"
0F02G205323 "I had looked at this '70 Boss 302 car... and it was so rusted out that the only way anything could be done was a rebody. I found out that a Mustang shop bought the car... The guy thought that he had out done me because he knew I was looking at it and he slipped in and bought it. I told him that it was too rusty for me and he said that he had a great rust free Mach 1 body and he was going to rebody it."
0F91G508030 This Cougar V.I.N. plate was sold on eBay March, 2006.
0F91G509666 This Cougar V.I.N. was discussed on our messageboard in Jan. '04. The V.I.N./title were up for sale in Dec. '03/Jan. '04 timeframe. Owner of the V.I.N./title admitted he cut the numbers out of what was left of the body.
0F91G523316 This Cougar V.I.N. was discussed on our messageboard in Mar. '11. Quote from the eBay listing "It is a number matching Boss 302 to a re-bodied 1970 Cougar Eliminator."
Proceed with caution:
0F02G167496 0F02G122563 0F02G146483 0F02G122527


These are V.I.N.s for cars that were reported to us at one time as being in junkyards or in junk condition. We love BOSS 302s and we'd like to see every one of them saved but when we say junk here we mean the car is pretty bad and it is probably not worth saving. We list these here just in case someone decides to sell the V.I.N. plate/title or do a rebody with these V.I.N.s. If you own one of these cars and intend to restore it or have restored it, let us know and we'll take it off this list. If you come across a beautiful car with one of these V.I.N.s please look twice and tell us. We know the details on every car. "It's all original, yellow, shaker,..." We can confirm if it really was originally yellow with a shaker, etc. It's also a good idea to check our lost and found section of the messageboard.
Happy Endings/Success stories:
9F02G194898 Calypso Coral color. Car was stolen from hangar #14, Sierra Vista, AZ, Municipal Airport between September 7 and October 3, 2005.

The car was recovered in December, 2005. The thief's neighbor turned him in to the police.

9F02G189722 1969 BOSS 302 (Acapulco Blue) was stolen from a garage in Portland, Oregon, on or around August 17, 2005.

The car was recovered on October 4, 2005. The V.I.N. plate was reportedly switched with one from a '69 coupe.

9F02G192168: V.I.N. tags and body reunited! February, 2005. Was for sale in the San Francisco Bay area. The windshield V.I.N. tag was from a '69 Boss 302 (9F02G192168). The shock tower stampings showed 0F111800. Seller had the original build sheet, and invoice for the BOSS. It shows: Wimbledon White, Black Deluxe Int., Power Steering, Slats, Tinted Glass, Tachometer. The car was gray primer, but the floors, and all of the jambs are Medium Lime. There are the plastic vents in the door jambs. (a '70 feature). D1ZE service block, with 289 heads. Tail light panel is a '69 piece, but was welded in. The correct doors and fenders are missing. The only part of the BOSS looking body that is still there is a rear quarter extension with the white paint and tape stripe still on it.

August, 2005, update. A registry member obtained a '69 shell in the Lake Tahoe area a few years ago. The left shock tower was removed but the right shock tower with 192168 stamped in it was intact. "I have found the man who had the paperwork to my boss. It took a lot of negotiating to get him to sell me the paperwork to the car. It was the most expensive tag of paper I have ever bought. The only reason he sold it to me was that I already had the D.M.V. paperwork already filled out with the V.I.N. on the car verified by the sheriff and ready to go to the D.M.V. for registration. So he reluctantly sold me the build sheet, original plates, both V.I.N. tags, buck tag, pink, and inspection sheets."

Department of corrections:
0T02G152491 This car was once reported to us as suffering from an unfortunate set of circumstances. It is a real BOSS 302. The story posted on our messageboard back in 2004 said the dash V.I.N. tag did not match the inner fender stampings. 0T02G vs. inner fender stampings leading with "4T". It is a known occurrence and has been discussed on our messageboard for Metuchen built cars to have "4T" or "1T" instead of "0T". The posting further claimed when the car went for inspection in California the police seized the car and pulled the dash V.I.N. tag due to suspicion of theft. Finally the post said the police then destroyed the inner fender stampings by chiseling them out. We are happy to report the latest owner in 2012 showed us photos of the inner fender stamped V.I.N.s intact. We do not know why a previous owner posted the story.
0T02G153335 This car was once reported to us as a rebody. Recent information provided states this car has a State of Pennsylvania issued V.I.N. plate. This car is legal and legit BOSS 302.
If you happen upon a car and question its authenticity, contact the Registry. Let us know. Ask before you buy.

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