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Please post pics of your 494 Can Am Boss with the Inline. That’s sounds like an awesome machine you’re building.
BOSS 302 General Discussion / C9ze-k radiator
« Last post by shlb69 on Today at 03:18:11 pm »
I have a C9ze-k radiator and I know it is susposed to go to a boss 302 but it has a bottom with automatic plugs? Looking to sell it but trying to make sure what it goes to.
Phil was an engineer, so machining an intake/adapters would have been a breeze for him. BTW, he used to make wheels, and his company was called PS Engineering (now closed). He did some backspace machining on my wheels for my Boss 302 T/A car in the late 1980s-early 1990s.
BOSS 302 Parts/Related For Sale / Re: Boss 302 windage tray $100 bolts $50
« Last post by bkd on Today at 02:54:22 pm »
this is still available along with a used one with no bolts $55
A photo would be great. It would be much easier to fit them on the head in an IR configuration as the spacing on the Inline is nearly perfectly matched to the intake runners on the Gurney heads. To make a single plenum manifold would take much more work. I have two NOS 1425 cfm Inlines and was looking for a place to use them. I thought this would make a good setup on the Gurney heads in an IR configuration.
I believe they were the 1425s on an IR intake. I MAY have an old photo…I will have to dig through my pictures and see…
An 875 on a common plenum will have enough flow on the top end. For an IR you need the larger 1425s.
So he ran dual Inlines I assumed. Do you happen to know which size he used 875 or 1425 cfm? If they were run in an individual runner configuration, will the 875 cfm carbs flow enough air at the top end?
BOSS 302 Cars For Sale / Re: My Boss on Ebay
« Last post by maxman on Today at 02:32:16 pm »
Thank you CaBossFan!
Yes, I have. Phil Schmidt raced his Gurney/Inline powered Lotus-Ford Indy car @ Willow Springs Raceway.
BOSS 302 General Discussion / Autolite Inline on Gurney Weslake Heads
« Last post by JamesCebe on Today at 02:20:34 pm »
Has anyone ever seen or used the Autolite inline carbs on a Gurney Weslake setup? It seems like they could easily be made to mount on the Gurney Mark IV heads with a simple manifold in an individual runner style configuration.
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