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Forum Features/Issues and Test Area / Just a test
« Last post by MikeBaskette on Today at 08:06:23 am »
Testing to see if pix loading works
Hello everyone,
I've been thinking about revisiting owning a B9 ever since the day I sold mine in 1996. And in the last year, unless I am mistaken, am seeing values 'soften'. Am I wrong/in a dream ? I'd really like to get some feedback from those that know, thats you guys on here !

Examples ; Mecum auctions last year ;

1. KK1383 - admittedly had non stock front suspension but looked to be a complete and running car in great shape - made a high bid of $150k and didnt sell.
2. KK1798 - looked complete and nice, auction guide $300-350k but only made $210k.
3. KK1333, another good looking complete car, I can see it has a 70 shifter, seems pretty correct apart from that (i'd prefer a 70 shifter!!)
auction estimate 300~350, but only made $200k.
4. KK1857 - another good looking car, looks complete, older restoration, guide 225~250, made $214k and was sold. The other three above didnt.

Any idea where the first three ended up ? Or are people 'sitting' on their cars hoping for the market to return ?
I was offered 3 cars on here when started looking (well 5 if you include the non-runners and incomplete ones). 1 car I never got as far as being offered a price, one car apparently has a double vin shared with another (bit worrying) and the third one is still on here with a 'motivated seller' who actually still wants the same price he was after 4 months ago. Whats actually happening out there with values and where is the best place to look ? Anyone in Europe (like I am) with a car they actually want to sell for a realistic price ? (based on the above).
BOSS 429 General Discussion / Re: Restored "Lawman" B9 to debut at MCACN
« Last post by AlexM on Today at 07:34:54 am »
Maybe they'll give rides!  8)
BOSS 302 General Discussion / Re: Stack EFI For Boss 302
« Last post by Tim Barker on Today at 07:33:10 am »
Stacks is the coolest setup going. I remember as a kid, before I was old enough to drive, thinking I would have a car with stacks coming through the hood! It would be fun to see how much power could be made using this setup.

For the Purist, or anyone wanting to be all Stock & wanting to use, or using,  the original valve springs [ like I did for 20 years ]  Shim them. & X-ray the valves.
Other Classifieds / Re: 1973 Maverick 250 CI, with 1500 original miles
« Last post by DYNO17 on Today at 06:49:57 am »
Can you forward me contact information .I have a friend huge comet maverick guy even has a maverick with dragon snake kit on it  got to love the 70's   K.WURSTER@COMCAST.NET
BOSS 302 Parts/Related For Sale / Re: 1969 DOZE Block - Date: 9F12
« Last post by pbf777 on Today at 06:42:06 am »

I was hoping someone with experience repairing damaged blocks would reply.


     That block didn't experience just a light tap,    :o     and I would not rely on a response from a forum as the deciding factor as to purchase or not; as I feel a closer inspection with block in hand, including magnafluxing, and probably really expecting to have had the block sleeved/repaired and stated as so by a reputable shop as the really only comforting value.

BOSS 302 Cars/Parts Wanted / Re: WTB: Early 69 block
« Last post by blykins on Today at 04:51:33 am »
Guys, I'm looking for a 69-70 block as well. 

Jay, yell at me and let me know what you have.

BOSS 302 General Discussion / Stack EFI For Boss 302
« Last post by JoshBolger on Today at 04:46:50 am »
BOSS 302 General Discussion / Re: Center console
« Last post by 70cj428 on Today at 04:29:59 am »
Wow, that's a lot of options...

Looks like everything but front bumper guards and the painted pin stripe …..
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