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BOSS 302 General Discussion / Igniton switch opinions
« Last post by Badgas6228 on Today at 10:00:37 pm »
Im doing a complete oh and up grade on my 70 tilt  colmun,i have a new scott drake ignition switch,or should i just put the stock used switch back in it apears fine,and worked ok  when in the car.thanks Greg
BOSS 429 General Discussion / 1970 Boss 9 Shock Supplier
« Last post by Boss9kid on Today at 09:25:21 pm »
I was reading in my Kar Kraft book that Monroe was the supplier for the 1969 Boss shocks. I always thought Gabriel was the supplier, did Gabriel make the shocks for the 1970 model year?

BOSS 302 Parts/Related For Sale / Re: BOSS 302 dist. 9J13 PENDING
« Last post by somedaydone on Today at 09:14:25 pm »
It's sold.
Off Topic Posts / Re: George Conrad collection of Mustangs
« Last post by TACoupe on Today at 08:01:35 pm »
If you go to the comments at the bottom of this page a guy says that this is fake news.

There was an article published stating George plans to auction off the collection this year

BOSS 302 General Discussion / Re: noisey pcv valve
« Last post by AlexM on Today at 07:40:41 pm »
Sounds like maybe the valve is not closing all the way. Try cleaning the PCV valve? At idle it should be closed and not sucking any air, but if it's making a sucking noise then maybe it's stuck open a little and allowing air to go around.
BOSS 429 General Discussion / Re: BOSS 429 Intake XH10025
« Last post by bossmacjnr on Today at 06:11:29 pm »
Just about every B9 spider intake I've seen has been different from the next.  Open plenum, four hole plenum, very small four hole plenum for restricter plates, all D-ports at  intake flange, 4 ports that are D-ports and 4 that are full oval, and then all eight ports full oval.

Nothing a bit of machining and port matching wont fix  ;D
BOSS 302 General Discussion / Re: noisey pcv valve
« Last post by CHUCKS302 on Today at 05:45:57 pm »
Thank you for your input, the hose is good and noise is only at idle it goes away under acceleration .
2012-13 BOSS 302 General Discussion / Re: 2012 Boss 302 Owners Kit
« Last post by 1NiceBoss on Today at 05:34:59 pm »

I did look earlier after I posted it and it is blank so I think it may have been one of those limited number of kits you could buy from Ford for a short period of time. The key ring for my 2013 B2 LS has "2013 Boss 302 LS #736" engraved on the back of it. I suppose if someone didn't have their original kit they could have their info engraved on the back of the blank key ring if they so desired. I did also notice the kits are different between 2012 and 2013. The photos on the insert information have pics of their respective MY cars but the DVDs are the same.

BOSS 302 General Discussion / Re: Distributor Advance Question
« Last post by 1NiceBoss on Today at 05:09:27 pm »
Looking in there now I can see the potential where a rubber stop might rub. My concern would be if the rubber stop deteriorated or came off then I would have way too much advance and not know it except if it were to spark knock under load.

I think it better this time like the 'ol saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"....

Thanks guys!

Off Topic Posts / Re: Universal Motor Coach info needed
« Last post by ablue69 on Today at 05:04:17 pm »
The "Better Ideas" and the light bulb were obvious clues too. ::)
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