Author Topic: Columbus/Carlisle Caravan Goal....  (Read 1711 times)

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Columbus/Carlisle Caravan Goal....
« on: February 15, 2005, 06:11:38 am »
Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could have more BOSS Cars in the Caravan to Carlilse from Columbus than were in attendance all weekend at the Nashville 40th Show? I mean if we're going to make BOSS History, lets make BOSS History!

Some of you I'm sure will be able to say you were at both Events!

Trailered or Driven doesn't matter, if we can get 40 or more we'll have it. I believe we are going to be close if everyone shows as planned.

We can all stop some distance outside of Carlisle so that anyone with a Co-Driver that wants to unload a trailered car and drive it in the rest of the way can do so.

Be in Columbus OH on June the 1st, or New Stanton PA on the 2nd and join us. We can make this happen, what an awesome sight it'll be!

Click HERE for Columbus Host Hotel info and Reservations under the BOSS CAR CARAVAN. Your room is waiting for YOU!

ETA in New Stanton TBA. Thanks Everyone!

Mark/San Diego