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"" explained
« on: February 19, 2003, 11:32:30 am »
Most of you probably check off the "Email Notification: Send all replies to your email address" box at the bottom of the page when you post. The messageboard sends you an e-mail notifying you someone has replied to your post.

Problem was the board was using my personal e-mail address as the "sender" of these e-mails. People would then hit reply without looking and send an e-mail response back to me instead of going and reading the posts. I was getting a lot of unnecessary e-mail. When I could, I would forward the responses to the intended person.

In an effort to avoid all that and get out of the middle of conversations I had nothing to do with, I created a fake e-mail address that would draw some attention and not send me any mail, "". I since changed it to something less abrupt, "".

When you get an e-mail from "" it means someone has responded to your post. Please check the thread to see their reply posting.