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1970 Boss for sale (351C engine)
« on: March 31, 2003, 08:27:38 pm »
I looking to sell my 70 Boss (OFO2G185529).

  The car is Grabber Orange with a shaker hood, rear window slats, 3:50 rear and deluxe interior.  The body is in very good condition with only a small rust spot on the lower driver's side door.  The interior is nearly perfect, except for the lower door carpeting (which I plan to replace before selling).  The only problem is that the engine is not a Boss, but a 351C 4V (runs great).  Also, the carb is not the Holley 780, but a Holley 600 double pumper.

  The car runs and looks great.  It is an older restoration, but with the exception of the engine compartment, it is nearly all original.  I have recently replaced the clutch, shift assembly, exhaust system and tires.  It has a current New Jersey inspection good until July 2005.

  If you have any questions, or you would like me to send you pictures, e-mail me at

Mark Ford

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70 Boss for sale (OFO2G185529)
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2003, 09:16:00 pm »
More details about the car:

Let me start by saying that the asking price is $17,900.  I love this car and I'm sick to see it go.  I don't drive the car every day, but I do drive it quite often (nearly every weekend in the Spring, Summer and Fall).  I'm at a point where I've decided to either find a replacement block, start a complete frame-off restoration and turn it into a trailer driven car, or sell it.  I'm not in a rush to sell, so I'm willing to wait until somebody offers me what I am asking.
I'll try to describe the car the best I can.  Trust me, I'll be very honest - I don't want to waste anyone's time, including my own.
I'm not sure how many miles are actually on the car.  When I bought it 3 years ago, the title listed the milage as 63000, but I'm not dumb enough to believe that.  The man I bought the car from did a title search when he bought the car to try to find the original engine, but he was unable to track it down.  I can tell you this - the car was originally sold on Sept. 15, 1970 by J.C. Lewis Motor Co. in Savannah, GA to Joseph Olien for $2998.  In the next five years, it was sold and resold many times and now the title suffix is Z.  I've owned the car for three years and the prevoius owner had it for 12 years.
The shaker hood, deluxe interior, rim blow steering wheel, fold-down rear seat, grabber orange paint, and 3:50 rear are all factory installed options.  The rear window slats and Magnum 500's (I think) were added at a later date.  The shaker hood is original as well as the shaker base and snorkel tube.
The body of the car is in great shape with no dents. Overall the paint is in good condition with a few chips and scratches and there are some very small rust spots developing around the rear wheels (hardly noticable).  The undercarriage has some rust on the driver's side front and passenger's side rear, and the lower driver's side front door has a golf ball sized rust spot where the paint has chipped off.  The chrome is in great condition with only minor rust stains on one of the Magnum wheels.  The hood stripes are a little faded with some small scratches, but I don't think they are in need of replacing.  I don't believe that any of the body panels have been replaced.
The interior of the car (dashboard, speakers, seats, headliner, etc) is in excellent shape with the following exceptions:
One of the plastic spoke steering wheel inserts is cracked (NOT the steering wheel itself, but a small black ABS plastic trim insert)
Above the center of the rear seats, the headliner looks like it had a small tear (the size of a quarter) that has been repaired.
The carpets and seats have minor wear, but overall they are in great condition with no rips or tears.
The center console shows some signs of wear, but overall looks good.
The turn signal lever and steering coulmn have some scratches and blemishes.
The rear plastic side panels have some scratches, but no cracks.
The driver's side kick panel vent handle is damaged.
The carpet on the driver's and passenger's lower doors have been cut for fiberglass speaker enclosures.
Just a side note - a custom sound system has been installed in the car - but no permanent modifications have been made with the exception of the lower door carpet, which can be replaced or fixed at an upholstery shop for a very small price.  Vinyl covered speaker pods were mounted to the doors where the carpet was cut, but no sheet metal was modified.  I have the original speakers and grille covers.  The rear trap door was replaced with a custom cloth covered fiberglass door that was molded to the same shape as the original trap door for rear speakers and subs.  I have the original trap door if you wish to remove the custom sound system.  In addition, the radio/heater bezel has also been replaced with a vinyl covered fiberglass panel (again, no sheet metal modifications) that is used to mount the current stereo head unit.  The alternator was upgraded to a high output internally regulated alternator for the sound system.  Everything I have mentioned that was replaced for the sound system - I still have all the original parts and the car can be restored back to its original condition in a matter of hours if you wish to remove the sound system.
The electrical system (brake lights, side markers, headlights, radio, horn, clock, dash, door lights) all work fine, except the reverse back up light switch that contacts the gear shift arm needs to be replaced.
The car runs and sounds great - it starts right up and never stalls out.  The temperature gauge does not work (I believe it is the sensor) and the fuel gauge just stopped working a month ago, but I plan to replace the fuel tank sending unit in the coming weeks.  I think that there is a slight exhaust leak at the right exhaust manifold flange, but the bolts probably just need to be tightened.  The manual choke has been replaced by an electric choke and the ignition system has been upgraded to an electronic MSD ignition system.  The carb is a Holley 600 double pumper.  I've recently replaced the clutch, shift assembly, tires, brakes, rotors and exhaust system.  The NJ inspection is good until July 2005.
As far as I know, the only items on the car that are NOT original are as follows:
Rear Window Slats (added by a previous owner)
Rear Exhaust Valence Panel (the current one is flared for straight pipe dual exhaust - probably from a Mach 1)
The side mirrors are black (they should be the same color as the car - Grabber Orange)
Space Saver Spare Tire (missing, but has a full size spare on a Magnum 500 rim)
I think that the Magnum 500's were added at a later date
Exhast system (current one is 2.75" diameter with Flowmaster mufflers)
Engine (currently a 351 Cleveland), Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifolds, Carb, Smog Pump
Door Data Plate is missing (but the radiator build tag is intact)
Rev Limiter is missing
Manual Choke and Ignition system (upgraded to electronic)
The VIN number is OFO2G185529.  I hope I haven't left anything out - I've tried to describe the car the best I could.  If you have any questions or you would like to see some pics, please e-mail me.
Mark Ford