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1970 Boss 302 Engine for Sale
« on: June 01, 2003, 10:37:08 pm »
I still have a complete Boss 302 engine for sale.  Anyone interested please drop me a line.

Here is the info :

Original 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Engine. It was removed from a vehicle that was wrecked in the late 70's and has sat inside a nice shop since then. When removed the vehicle only had about 20,000 miles. Casting number on the block is DOZE-6015-B. Date code is 9K14. October 14th, 1969. Early 1970 block. Not included is the distibutor, carburetor, and aircleaner.  All other exterior parts are correct, i.e water pump, oil pan, intake, valve covers, thermostat housing, damper, etc.  The pistons were replaced with an upgraded replacement piston. Believed to be Ford. This was intended to be put back into another vehicle so there were some upgrades made. In 1983 an aftermarket Crower Cam and Lifters were installed. The cam has .292" lobe lift.  1.73 Rocker Ratio.  .505" gross valve lift, intake and exhaust.  At some point someone had over tightened the valve cover bolts and cracked the valve covers in three locations. These have been repaired in two of the three locations. These are the correct bolts for the valve covers. The intake is correct but the bolts for the intake are not. Everything else about this engine is untouched.  The VIN stamp on the block is 12229.  It definately came out of a Boss 302, I knew the vehicle it came from.  Not a Cougar.  So either the first or last digit of the VIN stamping is light or not there.  I can only read the 5 digits there.

Any questions please write to me and I can supply pictures.

In the pics shows an air cleaner, carb and distributor but they are not included and not correct.  Just there for display purposes.