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Re: 1970 special order colours
« Reply #15 on: August 11, 2019, 10:37:25 am »
What about the blue 1969 Boss 429 in the Ford magazine ads?

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Re: 1970 special order colours
« Reply #16 on: August 20, 2019, 06:00:11 pm »
I spoke to a guy in Denver and he said he once owned the silver B9. Talking to Bob Perkins he said it was now in Florida.

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Re: 1970 special order colours
« Reply #17 on: August 20, 2019, 08:22:25 pm »
The silver jade car was in Denver, it is now at Ed’s shop awaiting restoration.  Unless my friend sold it without telling me it is not in Florida, it is owned by a Kansas native as I helped put the deal together including the car he had to trade to get it.
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Re: 1970 special order colours
« Reply #18 on: August 21, 2019, 07:49:28 am »
Years ago bob becker who lives in denver area and keeps track of b9s in that area (30 or so) told me about a red 69 b9 that had greenish paint in trunk area that looked like it had been there when new. Bob collected fords and owned several b9s and i would visit him when in the area and he would stop by my place when passing thru and we did several car & parts deals over the years. When the trade deal went down i fly to denver to document the car because the door tag said A code black car. When i looked at the car it had been painted red but i found silver jade paint on inside car area and under windshield and back glass seals. I asked Eloy (who owned the car) why he painted the car red and he said he didnt like the silver jade paint that was on it when he bought it years ago. Eloy was a gearhead and didnt care about concours cars and he never heard of a marti report as he just wanted a red b9 and he had chromed most of the parts on the car. The door tag had a black color code on it so we did a rush order marti report and the first invoice to kk was for a black car but the second kk invoice had silver jade on it and was sent to denver ford dealer a year after it was built at a reduced price financed by ford. I think when the car arrived at kk painted wrong color kk couldnt return it after it had b9 shock towers installed it couldnt be changed over to a mach1 or a shelby so it sat in inventory at kk plant until kk cleaned house after closing down and sent this car to colorado in june of 1970. I think since ford changed over to door id decals in 1970 and up cars that they could no longer make 69 metal tags and this maybe why 1 year later the doortag was never changed over to silver jade or because ford never offered silver jade on a b9  really not sure how this car was represented to the buyer or the ford dealer at that time. Eloy wanted a real red b9 so jeremy knew of a red car in milwaukee that the OO was selling so we went and bought it and did the trade deal and it worked out because both cars were built around the same time. We had to pay for a red repaint and eloy got to keep all his parts he had chrome plated and he got money difference to finish his car so it worked out for both sides. The silver jade resto will start next year and will only use nos parts. The owner likes silver jade and just  bought a silver jade 69 shelby gt500 drag pack convertible to match the b9. I have been asked many times what the value is on this car and hard to say what a black silver jade b9 is worth!!