Author Topic: New messageboard look... or old?  (Read 5968 times)

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New messageboard look... or old?
« on: November 12, 2011, 10:23:21 am »
If you do not like the new look of the messageboard you can go choose to use the old look. Follow these steps:

1) Log in.
2) Hover your cursor over "Profile"
3) Slide down and click on "Forum Profile"
4) Hover your cursor over "Modify Profile"
5) Slide down and click on "Look and Layout"
6) At the very top you will see "Current Theme". Over to the right click on "(change)"
7) You will see three (3) choices. The first "Forum or Board Default" and second "SMF Default Theme - Curve" are one in the same and are the new look. The third choice, "Core Theme" is the original look. Choose this one. The old look will only appear to you when you are logged in. If you are a guest you get the new look.