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Re: Big Brake Proportioning Valve
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Good point. Many m/c have same bore, but differ. A street Boss is 1" bore, and so is the F250 (see above). But the lines exit differently, and the truck m/c is larger, both longer and wider, and holds more fluid. On the BM car, the shock tower had to be 'dimpled' to clear the m/c. Brian

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Re: Big Brake Proportioning Valve
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This Rear Disc Brake Kit is designed and recommended for use in conjunct]on
with H.D. Front Disc Brake Kit.  Since this package does not include a park­ing brake system it is intended for Non Highway Use Only. '
Installation of this Kit requires a  different rear stabilizer bar to clear the calipers. Two sizes of the special design rear bars (DOZX-5A772-A or DOZX-5A772-B) are available.
3.   This Kit can also bo installed in conjunction with the production Mustangfront brakes; to provide an intermediate 4-wheel disc brake system.
k-,  The installation of this Kit follows the standard procedures described in the 1970 Ford Car Shop Manual, Volume One, Chassis.  It is strongly recom­mended that a Shop Manual be obtained and followed.  Special operations and/or required precautions will be described as necessary.
Make sure you have the required production Ford parts listed in the parts list on hand before starting this conversion.
Remove rear brake backing plates and! axle shafts per Shop Manual Section 12-02-07.
Remove the parking brake cables, and, system.
Press wheel hub bolts out of axle shafts.
Qualify back face of axle flange as shown in Figure 1. It is recom­mended that the axle shafts be magnafluxed prior to machining, and shot peened as shown in Figure 1.
Qualify the front face of the mustang rotor as shown in Figure 2.
NOTE:  The rotor is a part of DOOZ-1102-B Mustang hub and rotor assembly used to obtain hubs for the heavy duty front disc brake kit.
si •
U.  Press DOZX-1107-A wheel hub bolts through axle shaft and rotor assembly as shown in Figure 3-        -1—   

5«  Install rear caliper bracket and bearing retainer on axle shaft and press on bearing assembly (see Figure 5.  Also, see Shop Manual, Section 15"0!I-CP.). Press on the inner retaining ring.  The retaining ring should be tack welded to the axle shaft in three places.  This is a safety precaution to prevent the axle shaft from pulling out of the bearing under extreme cornering con­ditions.
6.  Rework standard C90Z 2211-B and C90Z;2212-B brake backing plates as shown in Figure 4 for use as spacer. Install the brake backing plate and gasket and axle shaft assembly In that order (see Figure 5) •  Care must be_exercised_to prevent damage to the axle shaft oil seals.  Any roughing or cutting of the seal element during removal or installation can result in early_seal failure.
8.   Fasten the caliper bracket (and axle shaft assembly) to the axle housing with the 3/8-16 socket head cap screws and flat washers provided.  Check for rotor to bracket clearance.  Correct as required.  Torque the bolts
to (45lb-ft.).  Safety wire the bolt head.  The bracket should be positioned with the large caliper mounting boss to the top thus locating the caliper in front of the axle.
9.   Check rear axle shaft end play - should be less then 0.010" (correct if necessary).  Check rear rotor lateral run out - correct if greater than 0.002".
10.   Install the new H.D. brake pads in tie single piston flating calipers to be used.  Use either the calipers removed from the front of the vehicle during
the installation of the H.D. Front D|sc Brake Kit or new floating calipers obtained from your dealer.  The calipers must be purchased as component pieces.
11.   The calipers are attached to the brackets that are a part of the axle shaft assemblies.  Torque-the upper bolt to 110-140 lb-ft., then torque the lower-bolt to 90-120 lb-ft.; safety wire the anchor bolts.  Shop Manual Section 12-03-O4. Use new production caliper mounting bolts.
IP.  Adapt the production front brake hoses to the brake line on the rear axle.
13.  Install the separate brake proportioning valve (if not already installed at a convenient location in the line leading to the rear brakes.  Install with the ports upward.
1^.   Install the master cylinder specified as described on the following sheet.
15.   Fill with Ford Extra H.D. Brake Fluid and bleed using a pressure bleeder if available.  If you have trouble obtaining a hard pedal feel - jack up the rear of the vehicle and bleed both rear calipers at the same time.
16.   After test running, adjust the proportioning valve to provide a slight front wheel lock-up under hard braking.  Adjust the screw outward to reduce rear brake lock-up.
1?•   Periodically clean and lubricate the wheel stud threads with spray-moly or spray-graphite to prevent stud galling and subsequent breakage.
1.    The installation of the listed master cylinder is required to provide additional fluid capacity.     ^—   
2.   Remove the production power brake/master cylinder assembly and the production pressure differential valve assembly. Manual Section 12-03-09.
3.   Remove the power brake pedal, Section 12-03-10.
k.  While the pedal support bracket is out of the vehicle, reinforce it in the necked down portion.
Install the manual brake pedal, section 12-03-11.
Remove the check valve under the Front outlet port seat (to the rear brakes) Figure 16 Section 12-02-13 or 1970 Truck Manual Volume One, Chassis Figure 11, Section 12-03-09  be very careful when removing the tube seat so as to not distort the tapered seating surface. MASTER CYLINDER (Cont'd.)
The seat can be removed by threading a spare brake line tube nut into the outlet port.  Place a flat washer on a 1 inch long No. 8-3? self-tapping screw and thread the screw into the tube seat insert while at the bottom of the port.  Holding the screw from turning, back out the tube nut with a wrench.  Inspect and dress the removed tube seat to insure a good sealing surface.  Place the seat into the same port.  Be sure it is not cocked.  Thread a spare tube nut into the port to force the seat down until it bottoms out Un the port. Remove the tube nut.
7.   Install the reworked master cylinder and fabricate a sheet metal panel to cover the hole in the fire wall,
Make sure the pedal has sufficient travel so that the piston bottoms out in the cylinder before the pedal hits the floor.
The existing hydraulic lines can be reconnected to the master cylinder by using the following parts:
1 - Inverted flare tee  3/16 tube size
1-Inverted flare union-3/16 tube size (383057-s)
5 - Nut - 3/16 inverted flare (3/8 hex)
1 - Nut - 3/16 inverted flare (9/16 hex) (remove from the original brake line)
1 - pc-. 3/l6 steel line
10.   Install the separate brake proportioning valve at a convenient location in the main line leading to the rear brakes. Position with the valve ports upward.
*   Â«
Fill the system with Ford Extra HD. Brake Fluid.
Bleed the brake system using a pressure bleeder if available.
Depress the brake pedal several times to check for fluid leaks and to seat the pads against the rotors.
0.014-O.OI6 A-2# 230


.oooe> ~r. \ . r.
.010 MAX -METAL.


I PR. 1970 MUSTANG AXLE SHAFTS                           RH C9OZ-4234-C
                                                                                      LH C9OZ-4234-D
8 ea.  SCREW SOCKET HEAD CAP 3/8-16X 1.00LONG 302218-S36
8 ea washer-lock 3/8 (bracket to axle housing)                    353956-S2
Axle Shaft and Rotor;
Mustang Hub and Rotor Assembly
Screw Socket Head Cap 3/8-16 x 1.00 long Washer - lock 3/8 (bracket to axle housing)

Bracket - Rear Caliper        RH DOZX-2B511-A LH DOZX-2B512-A
Studs - Wheel (same as front) DOZX-1107-A
Bearing Assys. - Rear WHEEL, includes Retainer DOAZ-1225-A
Sleeve - Axle Shaft Seal       C7OZ-4A300-A
Retainer - Axle Shaft Bearing  C8UZ-4020-A
Rear Brake Backing Plate  RH C9OZ-2211-B
                          LH C9OZ-2212-B
1 Caliper,  Front   (use on rear)  Right     C8OZ-2B120-A
1 Caliper, Front (use on rear) Left  C8OZ-2B121-A
1 Bracket - Caliper  C8OZ-2B292-A
1 Bracket - Calipcr  C8OZ-2B293-A
4 Clip, Pad Retainer  C8AZ-2066-A
4 Pin, Pad Retainer   C8AZ-2069-A
4 Gasket - Hose to Oaliper  8M-2149
4 Clip - Stabilizer  C8AZ-2B164-A
2 Stabilizer - Caliper C8OZ-2B295-A
4 Insulator - Caliper  C8AZ-2B299-A
4 Bolt - Bracket       381985-S
4 Bolt - Bracket       382563-S

QUAN1TY                DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER

1 pr.   Hose - Front Brake (used on rear)   C8ZZ-2078-A                C8ZZ-2078-B      
2   Bolt - Caliper Mounting,   Upper  382713-S101
2   Lock - Washer - Caliper, Lower 34810-S7      
2   Bolt - Caliper Mounting, lower 382201 -S
2   Lock Washer - Caliper, Lower   34808-S8      
1 set   Brake Pads Heavy DUTY   DOZX-2001-A      
Master Cylinder, Miscellaneous:      
1   1
1   Kit - Master Cylinder Rebuild and to obtain      Push Rod               C9AZ-2004-A      
1   Proportloner - Brake   .
1   Brake Pedal, Manual Brake Fluid - Extra H.D.
HEAVY Heavy   

H.D.      C6AZ-19542-A
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Re: Big Brake Proportioning Valve
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Thanks for the replies guys. I have been out of town annd haven't had a chance to read al of it yet. I will tomorrow.

Thanks again,