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BOSS 351 & 351C engine parts for sale
« on: April 25, 2010, 03:19:18 pm »
As you can see by my userID, I'm not really a Ford guy (although I will have a Boss 302 someday!). I ended up with these parts with a '70 Mustang I bought and sold. I also have a '70 Mustang E.E.C. (california only) fuel tank with the associated parts that go in the trunk with it later on tonight.
As I race in the NHRA STock & SuperStock classes, I have added reference to these parts and application. I've done some research on the casting numbers and dates and it appears the heads and block are the ones a Boss 351 owner may be looking for. If I'm incorrect, please let me know as you guys are the experts!
Thank you,
Jeff Lee

Cylinder heads: D1AE-GA - Boss 351
Closed Chamber
dated 0L30 (1970 November 30)
0M3 (1970 December 3)
Applicable per NHRA to 1970 300/351, 1971 285/351, 1971 330/351 Boss
Heads have the Boss 351 machined for screw in studs & guide plate.
Heads are bare and do not appear to have ever been modified from factory.

Cast iron intake manifold D0AE - 9425 - L
dated 1D14 (1971 April 14)
Applicable per NHRA to 1971 285/351. Note: No intake listed by NHRA for 1970 300/351 but this should be the one.

351C block with 2-bolt main caps D0AE-L
dated 1A11 (1971 January 11)
Same casting number as Boss 351, 4-bolt main caps can be added.

351C crank w/ 8 factory rods
Rods are D0AE-A beams and D0AE caps.
Crank is 4MAB with no other designation
Cylinder Heads D1AE - GA
Open chamber 351C 2V
Dated 2B23 (1972 February 23)
1L22 (1971 November 22)
This pair of heads are complete with valves, springs, retainers. No rockers or studs. These heads are NOT cleaned or shop peened.

All parts fresh from machine shop where they were shot-peened. Also included are Ford valve covers, Mustang oil pan, timing cover plate, various
pulleys and brackets and Autolite 4bbl carb (legal for 1970 300/351C),
and a set of Hooker ('71 Mustang and Torino) 1 3/4" headers.
Price for everything is $1250 or best reasonable offer. I have pictures, Please call with your email address and I will forward to you. .
Will ship international.
Jeff Lee @ 602-418-9797
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