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Reunion Awards
« on: August 11, 2011, 08:45:46 am »
Lisa has the concours list. I'll get that from her soon and they were announced Saturday at the banquet. Sunday's celebrity picks are listed below. I failed to write down the list before handing them in to MOSCEM. They didn't keep a list either. Sorry. So if you know the missing parts below, please email me at so I can complete. (Thanks Ray!)

Celebrity           Owner
Ed Meyer        Rich West, '70 BOSS 302 original owner
Ed Meyer        Jim Zappala, '69 BOSS 429
Donald Farr     Tim McGuire, '70 BOSS 302. Only car to make all 4 Reunions
Donald Farr     Terry Snyder, '69 BOSS 302
Kevin Marti     Ray Garwood, '70 BOSS 302
John Clor        John Grafelman, Larry Shinoda Prototype car
Randy Ream    Marcus Simmons, '70 BOSS 302
Bill Barr          Paul Sandy, '69 BOSS 302
Bill Barr          John Richen
Shawn Carney  Dave & Sue Davow, '70 BOSS 302
Nick Terzes      Brad Sherrill, '70 BOSS 302
Steve Ling       Bernie Hamilton, '69 BOSS 429

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