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Aussie Heads for Sale
« on: November 27, 2011, 08:15:55 pm »
Here’s a nice set of Aussie 2V heads for sale. I got these some years ago from a guy that was going to put them on his Boss 302. As you can see, they are plugged for a Windsor/Clevor use but the plugs could easily be removed for use on a 335 series engine. These have single piece, single groove, stainless steel intake and exhaust valves. The guy told me he cut the intakes down from a set of 351C valves. They measure 2.080” across the valve diameter. The exhausts are 1.700”. The pedestals have been milled for adjustable valve train and the deck has had a very light skim cut (he claimed no more than .010-015”). They have fresh seals and have not been run since they were rebuilt. I don’t have the specs for the springs but I suspect they were very close to standard stock B2 specs. These heads are not ported in any way. The combustion chambers and ports are as cast. You’re not getting a high dollar port job, but on the other hand, they are complete virgins so you know exactly what you are getting and can run them as is or work them to suit. They will be shipped in the wooden boxes shown in the pictures. Each box measures 22”L x 10”w x 7”T, weigh 71lbs each, and will ship from 52722 zip code via UPS ground. $900 plus the ride (actual shipping cost only). I’m going to post at a couple other sites. You can email me at kcoffield "at"

I will answer in order received.