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The OEM re-issue of the highly sought-after factory Ford Power Steering Oil Coolers are now available for the following:

1969 & 1970 BOSS 429 and 428 Cobra Jet - C80A-3D746-A

1969 BOSS 302 - C9ZA-3D746-A

1970 BOSS 302 - D0ZA-3D746-A

Blissfield Manufacturing Company was the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for these Power Steering Coolers to Ford Motor Company. We purchased the rights to these units from Blissfield and had THEM manufacture these units for us. Utilizing the original design blueprints, tooling, materials and manufacturing processes, the end result is a dead-on exact match to the units that were issued nearly 40 years ago. All manufacturing markings and details are exactly as they should be including stamped relief areas, part numbers, bends, material thicknesses and gauge of fins, tubes, tube ends, mounting bracket and even the zinc phosphated electrostatic black painted finish meets the original ESE-M2P128-A Ford specification.

Just let me know which version you need.

e-mail your order to
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