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Mild Pro-Touring True 1971 Ford 351 BOSS Mustang
« on: March 30, 2015, 07:34:00 pm »
Selling my favorite muscle car to help fund two of my daughters college expenses (have four daughters-YIKES!).

Real Grabber Yellow 351 Boss Mustang, original 48k mile car, no rust, respray done about 12-14 years ago. All matching numbers drivetrain and associated Boss parts except for the repro carburetor, distributor (Not too sure on this one). I am not an expert on B1 Mustangs but I do have extensive knowledge as to what constitutes a sold car and this is a solid car.  While it is not a concourse correct car, it was never intended to be one. It was modified to be a reliable driver.

I added complete Global West front and rear Del-Alum suspension (rear leafs, front arms, sways, etc.). Also a BeCool radiator & twin fans, Baer ft/rr brakes, Hooker Super Comp headers (don't hang low) coated by Jet Hot, 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust with H-pipe, 18" billet Magnum 500s and a Lecarra steering wheel.

I removed the drivetrain and installed a 393 stroker Cleveland and 6spd Richmond transmission for my driving pleasure. I am in the process of reinstalling the original drivetrain since I fell I will have a higher probability of selling it with the original engine. I have listed the stroker engine/trans for sale separately on this forum.

All original Boss numbers parts have been stored (and yes I have the original gas cap lol). Marti Report available. It is the very same car linked below before I purchased it (it came with the other original air cleaner/carb/ect parts not shown in the engine bay).

The first three pictures are before I purchased the billet 18" Magnum 500s. I am a member on and with TONS of good feedback after selling about four cars and three engines-all true pro-touring classic cars. I'm not a dealer, just an avid car guy who likes to drive his cars with modern upgrades.

This car was never meant to be a show car,  trailer queen or concourse candidate. It is a very nice example that is meant to be driven safely and reliably.
Priced at $48k Thanks!

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