Author Topic: Another Boss Registry Member Passed away , We Lost Eric Dickerson a Friend  (Read 6976 times)

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Thanks, John.
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  Eric never wronged me but I also never bought anything from him. I feel bad for those that got hurt from their dealings with him. He's gone , time to move on.
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John,   +2 and well said.                 Death does not a good person make. It is just the final act of living.

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Eric never did me any wrong, and I am well aware of the issues that he brought to many people.   Though I think unless you have anything forgiving to say...please remind yourself...let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

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John, +3 I agree

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If you didn't get victimized by someone, it's pretty easy to say it's time to move on. I'd still like my $2k back, and restitution for the other victims. Not casting stones here, just calling it like it is.
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We're all done.