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'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed.  Competition Orange, black standard interior (originally Houndstooth!).  Marti and Buildsheets.  In VA for $82k
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*Interesting story about this Eliminator...  It was incorrectly entered into the Ford Database as a Boss 302 Cougar - without the Eliminator Option.  This is backed up by the Marti Report and original "Eminger" invoice - both of which do not show the Eliminator Option.  However, when the car was being restored TWO build sheets were found.  One shows "Boss Cougar Elcminator" (the other is less readable, but shows "inator"), and the "as found" condition backs up that this car DID leave the factory with the Eliminator Option items installed.  Kevin Marti has seen the documents and has made a note in the database, increasing the number of 1970 Cougar Eliminators built by 1, for a total of 2,268.
This car is the reason for the discrepency on some older Marti Reports that show 468 or 469 Boss 302 Eliminators built in 1970.
~ Mike B.

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1970 Cougar Eliminator (Competition Gold / Black Decor Interior)
- 1 of 70 with 428SCJ / 4-speed
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