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Boss 302 Eliminators on the Market (Sept 2017)
« on: September 09, 2017, 12:19:41 am »
I've been posting the Eliminators on the Market threads for years on the Classic Cougar forums.  I thought I would try copying over the Boss Cats here, to change it up a bit.  If you are looking for the complete thread, including non-Boss Eliminator, look here:

If you know of an Eliminator for sale or are looking for an Eliminator, please feel free to post here, or contact me. I'll do my best to help you find the Eliminator you are looking for, or help find a new home for your Eliminator, if possible.  Send me a PM or email me directly at:

Also, be sure to check out the Eliminator Owners and Enthusiast group on Facebook:
You don't need to have a Facebook account or be a group member to browse!

Don't be shy about commenting or asking about a car in the list.  Folks here are always happy to help answer questions or concerns.

Listings as of September 8th

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed *Super Drag Pak*.  Competition Orange, Black Standard Interior.  Docs.  In TN for $125k.
*This car was owned by Frank Bowers previously, as well as Jeff Mays.
It is also the same car once owned by WWE Wrestler John Cena;

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed.  Competition Orange, Black Decor Interior.  Original window sticker.  In TN, for $70k.
Contact David & Reeda Lloyd at 423-569-2838, or by email at
*This car was featured in Hi-Performance Cars magazine in 1982, and has changed very little since then!  It has been carefully stored and tended to by the 7th owner for the last 26 years, accumulating only 2000 miles during his ownership.
Pictures can be seen here (including the Magazine article):

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed.  Competition Orange, black standard interior (originally Houndstooth!).  Marti and Buildsheets.  In VA for $82k
Contact Olaf at
Evenings after 7pm 540 538 6302
Featured in Legendary Cougar Magazine:

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed.  Competition Orange, Black Decor Interior.  In TN, for $95k.

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed.  Competition Blue, Black Standard Interior.  In NY for $62k, and on eBay.

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed.  Competition Gold, Black Standard Interior.  Marti Report.  In MA, for $50k
~ Mike B.

'03 Cobra Convertible #2004
- 1 of 345 Sonic Blue, Argent Interior, Black Top

1970 Cougar Eliminator (Competition Gold / Black Decor Interior)
- 1 of 70 with 428SCJ / 4-speed
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- Teal w/ Gray Leather Interior, Sunroof
- Stolen & stripped 6/6/2002