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A proud father
« on: June 14, 2018, 05:16:11 pm »
Some of you may recall, I’m a dad with two girls and we live in the country.
This is about our oldest and we (my daughter & I) are not making any of this up:

(This is a long meandering read, so if you are busy or have better things to do- hit your back button now...)

So, there’s not a lot for her to do out here since she graduated, and although she has friends she doesn’t socialize much. Most of the kids get together on the weekends and “party”- meaning they go over to a house of a single parent who either cares less what they do, or goes out on their own date, or to a two parent home where one still goes out on a date while the other sits on the porch drinking all day.
This allows the kids to participate in their own debauchery, which on a typical weekend night consists of first smoking a bunch of weed, drinking shine (from their dad’s or local still), snorting pills (even the local paper calls them “pill-billys”) then fighting: girl on girl, boy on boy or both, then passing out whereas the girls are freely allowed to be taken advantage of.
 Sometimes it’s same sex/or with a relative's interaction- Very sick and very bad.
 Then they go and drive around late in the night and hope not to get stopped by the law.

My girl doesn’t involve herself with any of this. And because this is a normal routine, she’s kind of an introvert.

She enjoys spending her time writing stories on the web and continuously playing video games. Although I don’t like this too much, considering the other options she has, I give her a lot of leeway. And I do believe that the auto-related games were a help in her driving abilities.
She is not on social media so I guess that’s somewhat of a blessing.

She does go out with friends to eat, go shopping, to the movies and events. She has been on few dates with boys, but unfortunately because of their “normal” activities on the weekends, they want and expect more than a casual outing.
 Kate is well aware if this and can take care of herself, but she still is shocked that it seems that’s all the guys want- not a real friendship.

When she does go out she doesn’t like to ride- she want to drive. This is probably because most of her friends that do drive got their experience on a 4-wheeler or on a riding mower.

When she first got her learner’s permit I would take her out in all types of weather to a parking lot or the back roads where she could get the feel of the dynamics of the car in adverse conditions. She caught on quick.

Her mother would take her with her to work- about 150-mile round trip where she would drive there and back in rush hour and congested traffic situations. Another experience plus.
I did teach her to drive a manual, but she’s still not totally comfortable with it yet and hasn’t ventured out on her own driving one yet.

She is a casual “car girl”, showing great pride in our Boss cars and relaying to friends about them. She shows them pics, but explains that up-close viewing is strictly forbidden unless an invite is arranged.

We also paid for a high-speed maneuverability/understanding and collision avoidance session at our local track (Summit Point W. VA.).
This was the best money we ever spent. She passed with full honors, got a certificate and a really impressed the instructors.

This is where the coolness starts and most relevant to those still awake reading this:

Her instructor was impressed enough that he mentioned her in the main office (it just might of helped that she name-dropped the Boss registry and our cars).
She was later contacted and offered a job!
She went through training and is now an official track worker.

Part of her training consisted of learning the line of the track- to be prepared if a driver didn’t follow it correctly. Kate was supposed to take a “brisk” ride with a pro to get the sense if it.

But being a true “Ford girl” (and daddy’s offspring), she proudly announced that if it wasn’t a Shelby, Ford GT, or a Mclaren, she wouldn’t be too impressed. Spunkey!

The instructor laughed, said he understood completely, but thought he might change her mind about a different marque. He asked a (pro) friend to give her the run in his brand-spankin’ new track built Corvette.

She got the ride of a lifetime with average speeds well over 100 and topping out on the back straight at 153 mph. (A lot faster than I ever went at her age!)
He took her to speed within 4 sec. of the track lap record!

After the thrill she thanked the owner, shook his hand and although she told him it was the ride of her life, she would have loved to do it in a GT500. (Yep, that’s my girl!)

So I want to thank all of you that persevered through my story and would like to think that beside her general upbringing, she is much more involved now in our car hobby/world.
 I figured you guys would appreciate that-

And yes, I do take some of the credit for this.

I feel so extremely fortunate to have a daughter with common sense and a beginning passion for what we all here love…

And a quick update: The wife was so enamored when she picked Kate up, they offered her a position there as well, that she’ll work on a couple of her days off a month!

Can you say family track perks? ;)


Thanks for reading along…
Barry (& Kate)

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Re: A proud father
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2018, 06:08:20 pm »
Great story! (read top to bottom)  :)

I find kids that show interest in cars today are a blast to watch grow in to the hobby. And without any pushing, forcing or real work. Just exposure and opportunities seems to do it.  Very cool.
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Re: A proud father
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2018, 09:20:53 pm »
That is an awesome story and you and your wife should be very proud of her! It's always cool when a child follows in your footsteps and I'm sure she appreciates your guidance without telling you with words. Her actions speak for themselves. Do you want me to send you some great WI cheese? Perhaps an aged, sharp cheddar as a reward to her! Perhaps I can get a ride at the track!!  ;)

Now about those other kids. It seems that these kids don't have the same guidance you provided. As an employer, it scares me as our son will be running the family business more and more each day. It's almost impossible to find kids today who want to work and give a damn about what they do. Every industry is affected. Parents are giving the kids too much too soon and the kids take things for granted, entitlement.

Have a great Father's Day!
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Re: A proud father
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2018, 03:33:55 am »
Enjoyed the story! That is parenting Great Job! Happy Fathers Day!

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Re: A proud father
« Reply #4 on: June 15, 2018, 04:48:06 am »
Wonderful story and a great job you and your wife have done. Its refreshing to hear a positive story about family and todays youth. Mike G.

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Re: A proud father
« Reply #5 on: June 15, 2018, 11:28:32 am »
So her mother took her to work this morn’ and it looks as if they needed her too, as she stayed at the track as well.

First off, I want to say thanks to all that took the time to read this. Yes it’s long but think of it as two people posting since my daughter was right here giving most of the input.

Secondly, I really appreciate the responses.
Kate read them with me this morn’ before heading out and it brought her a big smile- which in turn gave me a lump in my throat.
It was time to reflect.

This may sound corny, but its guys like you and the other Friends from the board- (and the registry in general) that I have had interactions with that unknowingly, have contributed to my parenting and general state of mind.

When I close the page I usually talk with the Fam’ about interesting facts or general insights I’ve learned here.
This is of most importance- because it’s a big influence on my girls and other youngsters up and coming.

Plus every discussion and purchase I’ve made involving someone from this site has been an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Kate reads these replies and it gives her (and I) a small but very significant hope that this cruel and ugly world still has people such as the ones here on the board that have compassion, dignity, show true respect for one-another and clearly know the difference between right and wrong.

Lastly, I again would like to say thanks for the replies- and the help and the peace of mind you’ve all given.
Warm and refreshing to say the least...

We want to wish everyone here a very happy Father’s Day- whether you are one or not- you have/had one.

Barry & Kate  :) :)

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Re: A proud father
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2018, 02:23:21 pm »
Awesome story!  I don't have kids of my own but am always happy to hear of ones that were raised right. 

Happy Fathers day to you...and to the rest of you who raised 'em right!  ;D
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Re: A proud father
« Reply #7 on: June 15, 2018, 02:41:14 pm »
My daugfhter is the same way!
Introverted does not like the big crowd scene. Drawing and basketball are her current hobbies. She went up in a Cessna Memorial day and now we are looking at a potential new pilot on the horizon. She is all in right now . 

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Re: A proud father
« Reply #8 on: June 15, 2018, 08:36:51 pm »
Barry - Thanks for sharing with us your daughter's story.  I've helped out my sister as she has 3 children and unfortunately our mother passed away from cancer before they were born and wasn't there to help out.  And with her husband being a career Naval officer, over the years I spent a lot of time driving down to San Diego.  I remember when my niece, Kyra, was 3 years old and she would have me take her across the street to a nearby elementary school and then say "One day I'm going to the big school."  This Sunday, I'll be going to see Kyra get her master's degree in Education from the University of California, Irvine.  Time sure goes by fast! - Mark

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Re: A proud father
« Reply #9 on: June 16, 2018, 02:17:13 pm »
First off great story, I started to read it the other day and decided I didn't have the time at that point to read and appreciate it. So today I sat down and read it again. As the father of a daughter you are always extremely happy to see that the influence that is brought to the table is a positive influence. Secondly it is always good to see other kids making decisions based on ethics and a good moral compass instead of what is "cool". Good job to you, your daughter and your wife.
My daughter loves the car people, and enjoys the events. However@ 19 years old she still has no interest in driving. She likes the cars but doesn't necessarily feel she needs to own one. I told her the other day that if she doesn't want to be interested in the cars and how they function that is okay with me. She'll do what she wants and time will tell. But she lives the events and sooner than later she will understand that the connections are the cars, everything else grows from there.

Good job!
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