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The mileage on the car is original, 25655, and I can account for every one of them.
As far as original parts, I have many of them but things like the smog system were somehow lost back in late 1969 when I was looking for a bit more HP.
Any and all parts that I removed and still have will go with the car to it's new owner when it is sold.
Previous posts on this forum have outlined the build and changes made.
But if someone really wanted to return it to Concours condition they would certainly be able to ,and they would have possibly the best platform to start with that is available.
With Concours Raven Black cars exceeding $500,000.00 and survivors with original paint around $450,000.00 it would still be profitable.
Even rusty project cars exceed $160,000.00
I could bring it back to Concours myself but it's way more fun to drive as it sits . There wasn't a car show or event I visited since Boss Cars at Carlisle in 2005 that it was the center of attention and received some sort of trophy or award.
All inquires will remain confidential and when it passes on to its new owner they can do with it as they wish. As the attachment feature on this site is not working please send me an email address for complete information and pics.
Weather as is or Concours you will have one of the few and nicest Raven Black BOSS 429's Ford built.

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