Author Topic: NOS parts to PA from Mark Haas (if you need them)  (Read 379 times)

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NOS parts to PA from Mark Haas (if you need them)
« on: August 22, 2019, 07:44:58 am »

Well after talking to a few people with needs of items for restorations (NOS radiators, space saver spare bottles, trim rings and hub caps) I GUESS I'M DRIVING MY F250 to PA !!!!

Prefer only bring ONE or "items needed" for the trip READ "sold to someone" !  (I would like to enjoy myself too, not just sell parts all day)

Please let me know if anyone else needs
NOS 70 oil pans  $1200
NOS Oil Pump pick ups  $200
NOS C8ZZ Radiator $2000
Considering (removing from my Boss) a (date code 8M) 31 Spline 3:91 Traction Lok and a D1ZE-DA Boss 351 Radiator (date code 0K)   EITHER of which I will sell at a reduced price I have just spend over $5K to have correct date coded parts for my cars.

Again, this is more about knowing what to bring than selling for me.   OF COURSE I will have the Ford ALum Buddy Bar "trans am" D0ZX waterpumps and will be reducing price 10% at show.  (and processing Paypal with no fees if taking with you)   Shipping is avail but will be done from Dearborn on return to Ford.

Mark 517 861 7630

P.S.  IF you NEED something you "think you can't get" ASK !!!   We don't even think about the NOS head castings, cranks or internal parts as we keep them for our builds.
Mark Haas
517 861 7630