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1970 BOSS 302: a Driver's Car
« on: May 15, 2019, 12:41:01 pm »
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Hello fellow forum members! I am listing my dad's 1970 Boss 302 for sale. It's an original Bright Gold Metallic flat hood car with a few nice options (Marti is in the picture link).

The engine, transmission, driveshaft, rear end, suspension, brakes and steering have all been rebuilt/restored. The car runs and drives beautifully. The car, when we purchased it, had a standard 302 in it that had sucked a rod, so we got rid of that and sourced a date-code correct complete standard bore engine from pan to intake that was removed from a wrecked boss in the early '70's. We had it rebuilt by Bob Frontino of BV Performance in Northern LA, a Ford drag racer and private engine builder for many years. He took his time and did an amazing job! A sheet with all the specs and parts utilized in this (stock) boss can be viewed in the photo link.

The paint and body work is from a previous restoration in 1981 and thus is a 35 year old paint job. It still shines quite nice and I would consider it a 5-footer. There was rust repair performed on the car when it was painted that included both quarters, trunk drop-offs, driver floor/torque box.

The interior is very nice and looks original. I cannot confirm if it is original or not.

Drivetrain numbers:
Engine block: D0ZE 6015 A date 9F25
Heads: 9K20, I can check other on request
Intake: C9ZE 9424 E 7/21/69
Carb: D0ZF 9510 Z 964
Dist: mallory dual point
Alternator: 16V 55A D0ZF 10300 B WEG (Dead Nuts On restored)
Radiator: C9ZE L1
Fan: C8SE-B
Shroud: D0ZE 8146 E
Exh manifold driver: C9ZE 9431 A
Exh manifold pass: C9ZE 9428 A
Crank Pulley: D0OE 6312 A
Leaf spring driver: D0ZA 5556L 97G C
Leaf spring pass: D0ZA 5556L 97G C
N Case third member: 9J5 DIF
Tranny case: C8AR 7006 WZ
Bell housing: C5AA 6394 B

Buck Tag:

       1  26J   63A       BA
   0T    G113668   K YELOW MET
   PB    DE     BO    RS    RM   CT

Asking $72,500 and open to offers. My dad (Kennedy) can be reached at 858-668-8017.

May be interested in doing a partial trade for a Boss Cougar or CJ Cougar project/driver.

Thanks for reading!

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