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20' Exiss Aluminum Trailer
« on: August 22, 2019, 03:40:19 pm »
The Event Motorsport 820 model trailer.  2002 issue, but practically NOS.  Used less than 300 miles to transport a Pantera to four races.  My brother bought it and parked it at my house and it has not moved since.  I've run a dehumidifier in it continuously since I use it to store a Boss car.  Electric tongue jack, large Pit Pal door caddy, double front tire and fuel jug rack, new tires and vent cover.  Ribbed aluminum floor, 7' interior height so you can stack smaller cars.  Most trailers are only 6'3".   Walls are .060, thickest of any trailer made.  Floor is 20' with additional 2' nose containing the fuel/tire racks.  Very durable trailer that will not vibrate apart like traditional wood/steel trailers.  Exiss is no longer making car haulers.  Apparently there is too much money in horse trailers. 
$9000  Delivery negotiable- I'm in east Texas.  PM me or respond here.  Thanks much, Dave

I don't know what happened here with the option to attach jpegs.  It seems to only be allowing images from a hosting site.  I'll send them to anyone interested.