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As a longtime Boss Mustang 302 owner and enthusiast, I left Michigan at the crack of dawn last Thursday for Pittsburgh to attend Boss Reunion 2019.  This event celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the first Boss powered cars from Ford Motor Company – the ’69-’70 Boss 302s, ’69-70’ Boss 429s and the Boss 351s arriving in ‘71.  Since then, Ford produced Mustang Boss 302s in both ‘12 and ‘13.

I could tell it was going to be a good weekend when I entered my hotel destination in Google Maps and discovered it was exactly 302 miles away.  Further, when I checked in to the Marriott in Cranberry Township, they assigned me to room 429.  I cannot make this stuff up.   
I worked with Randy Ream and Lisa Leathery supporting this Reunion and the Boss Reunion that took place in Dearborn back in 2011. They put together an outstanding, fun event with an amazing array of Boss 302s (vintage and modern), Boss 351s and Boss 429s. The show included rare cars and prototypes:  the original Boss 302 concept; the‘69/’70 Ford media Boss 302 photography car – turned IMSA racer; the 199 mile Boss 302 “Pony Tail” drag car, the “Dyno Don” Boss 429 Cougar drag car (1 of 2); a Bud Moore Mustang race car from Texas hidden  for 40 years and a stunning Bob Perkins Restoration Boss display.
The weekend included Boss Car show(s), Concours Judging, an excellent dinner at the Marriott with guest speakers, HPDE (on track High Performance Driving Experiences), AutoX (autocross) , Parade Laps, and a goody bag with beautiful plaques for all registered cars.

I put 725 miles on the Race Red ’13 Boss 302 over 5 days - still smiling.   

Note: Greg Boss recently announced Boss Reunion 2020 will take place in Marysville, Kansas on August 28-30, 2020. They put together a great show in 2018.  Mark your calendars.
Bill in Rochester Hills, Michigan

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Amazing collection!!!! My friend you have a great eye .  thank you so much for sharing

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What a great collection of photos! It was nice meeting you and swapping stories Bill.

Scott Fritz

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Great looking photos.. Thank you  for taking the time to share and post the pictures.

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All we can add is-

Wow! What a time!

The cars, the people, camaraderie and friendliness was off the charts!
We met some board members and met many new friends. We spent so much time talking with people we barely got to see all the beautiful machines on display.

It was great to see Gus’s Tope car up close and personal like, and as was said Scott’s car was spectacular in every way.

Bob Perkin’s cars/display was absolute top shelf (as expected) and the BOSS Shop Tips car was stunning.
Thanks Bob for allowing our (comparatively speaking) lower class car to be photographed with your class of the field.

And a big thank you to Bill for the excellent photo work! It was a surprise that you took so many pics of our car- and even pics of our Torino.
That was unexpected and we are truly grateful you took the time to do so.

The track parade lap- although raining and wet was quite enjoyable. My oldest rode with me and buzzing around there with slicks on and a finicky carb’ was quite the “pucker factor”!
She spent most of her cash & time riding the go-karts.

Seeing the original Shinoda BOSS was a highlight and a real treat. This is where the tide turned for us for the whole event:

I spoke with Larry’s daughter and she introduced me to her mom. I explained that our car and her husband was at the Car Craft Nats’ over 25 years ago where the car won people’s choice, and Larry had signed the car then.
Joyce (Mrs. Shinoda) clearly recalled the event and wanted to see the car.
I told her daughter if I could finagle it, I would bring the car up to where she was seated. Joyce overheard this and wouldn’t have it.
Although up in her years, she said she would walk to where our car was parked (about 75 yards away). I waited patiently and Mrs. Shinoda- with her daughter steadying her arm calmly walked over.

Joyce commented on the event from the 90’s and said how much fun it was back then. Her mind is still sharp and recalled some details quite clearly.

She thanked me for bringing our car and said it was absolutely beautiful (a tremendous compliment for us).

She stared at her husband’s signature for a few minutes and I asked her if she would like to add something.
She said that would be nice, so I found her a marker.

I had to lower the hood somewhat because she is somewhat short in stature.
She wrote across from Larry’s signature and I asked her if she wanted to put anything next to Larry’s.

This is when the emotions took over-

She gave me a deadpan look and squeezed my hand very tight. She leaned forward and drew a heart right next to Larry’s signature.

She turned back to me, tears in her eyes and gave me a hug, and squeezed my hand again, saying this was so thoughtful of me to allow her to sign next to her husband’s signature and was honored to add to it.
She was tearful and remarked this was a highlight of her time at this event.
I can tell you people, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd standing around our car while she was there doing this.
A couple of ladies were tearful and it was just such a touching moment- it’s hard to describe fully.

This is when it’s about the history and the people involved- not so much the cars and event.

The look in Mrs. Shinoda's eyes and her daughter’s reflection on this past remembrance of her moms put it all into perspective.

This is what it’s all about.

Allowing past memories of personal good times of a family to be savored, and to reflect on a beautiful marriage of two beautiful people involved with something we all appreciate can’t be understated.

Thanks to all who attended and took the time to talk with us for a few minutes, and an especially Mrs. and daughter Shinodas for the heartfelt comments and emotional closeness you gave us, and the time you took allowing us to spend with you.
Bless you both and RIP Larry. We will never forget you or this amazing event we were so lucky to attend.

Thank you to everyone-

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Great talking to you Sunday night and our meal a Cracker Barrel. Thanks for all the information.  Menzo  (White 2012 Boss)
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Great pictures, thanks for sharing, especially as I had really hoped to go, despite meaning a trip across the Atlantic, unfortunately, planned purchase of a car to bring along took far longer than first estimate, so as we got closer, seemed less and less possible. Did anyone do a count up of how many of each boss model were there ? (especially B9's).
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There were 150 cars registered but many didnt make the trip because some didnt get there boss finished or health reasons or huricane warnings from southeast guys who planned to make the trip or other reasons etc. We had to judge 12 bosses 5 concours and 7 survivors and they all got a kool award special made for 50th show. Anybody got a photo of the awards to post? Also the feature cars and and some other cars got a special  wood plaque. Many thanks go out to Lisa and Randy and the crew who put this event on and thanks to the 8 guys who helped me with the judging in both classes.
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I think Randy and I counted 17 69B2 and 42 70B2 on the hill.