Author Topic: 1970 SHOW CAR - 1 of 13 - Professionally Appraised Fair Market Value of $85,000.  (Read 1616 times)

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Several years ago, maybe 10?, there was a guy from the North West, I think, that went by "bosspromo" or something like that that had one of these cars but it was Calypso Coral.  He was on here a lot as he was restoring his car but haven't seen him on here in many years.

I think they are very interesting cars and should be an easy sell, with the right exposure, i.e. pictures, to that collector that wants something a little different.  My 2 cents....
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Lets be clear, an 'Appraised Value' means nothing on a sale. Only what someone is willing to pay for a car determines the 'market value'. That said, an appraisal is used only for an insurance company. Please don't take my comment as a negative, or any sort of bag on this car.
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I just inspected a car last week that had a $400.00 report done on the inspection and its not worth the paper its on . The car had an electric fan added and the inspecter listed it as a factory option and they use auction car sales (that they dont know anything about) as comps. Your better off getting a guy who specializing in these cars to appraise them not somebody off the streets that appraises all types of cars.

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I got the Appraisal both because this site Requires a Listed Price,  and because I wanted to offer what I honestly believed would be a "Fair Asking Price ".  This was a Birthday Present that I never intended to Sell in the first place. I posted it here, and ONLY here so it would go to someone who would appreciate it for what it is. I obviously have never done this before, and unfortunately will never have the opportunity to do it again. I have taken additional pictures, then more after that.  If anyone has any additional requests or suggestions, I am here. There may be some delay, as I work from 0600 until 2230, but I will reply as soon as possible.
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Dearborn car, but appears to have Metuchen style trunk paint. Was it originally like this, or someone redid it without knowing the difference?
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Recent youtube of 0F02G100048 and the trunk has the usual Dearborn Plant blacked-out underside trunk-lid:

Shaker hood and Magnum 500 wheels have been added as originally this W-Code BOSS 302 show car had a flat hood and steel wheels.