Author Topic: 1970 SHOW CAR - 1 of 13 - Professionally Appraised Fair Market Value of $85,000.  (Read 3914 times)

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Several years ago, maybe 10?, there was a guy from the North West, I think, that went by "bosspromo" or something like that that had one of these cars but it was Calypso Coral.  He was on here a lot as he was restoring his car but haven't seen him on here in many years.

I think they are very interesting cars and should be an easy sell, with the right exposure, i.e. pictures, to that collector that wants something a little different.  My 2 cents....
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Lets be clear, an 'Appraised Value' means nothing on a sale. Only what someone is willing to pay for a car determines the 'market value'. That said, an appraisal is used only for an insurance company. Please don't take my comment as a negative, or any sort of bag on this car.
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I just inspected a car last week that had a $400.00 report done on the inspection and its not worth the paper its on . The car had an electric fan added and the inspecter listed it as a factory option and they use auction car sales (that they dont know anything about) as comps. Your better off getting a guy who specializing in these cars to appraise them not somebody off the streets that appraises all types of cars.

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I got the Appraisal both because this site Requires a Listed Price,  and because I wanted to offer what I honestly believed would be a "Fair Asking Price ".  This was a Birthday Present that I never intended to Sell in the first place. I posted it here, and ONLY here so it would go to someone who would appreciate it for what it is. I obviously have never done this before, and unfortunately will never have the opportunity to do it again. I have taken additional pictures, then more after that.  If anyone has any additional requests or suggestions, I am here. There may be some delay, as I work from 0600 until 2230, but I will reply as soon as possible.
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Dearborn car, but appears to have Metuchen style trunk paint. Was it originally like this, or someone redid it without knowing the difference?
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Recent youtube of 0F02G100048 and the trunk has the usual Dearborn Plant blacked-out underside trunk-lid:

Shaker hood and Magnum 500 wheels have been added as originally this W-Code BOSS 302 show car had a flat hood and steel wheels.

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What is the difference between the trunk paint on a Dearborn built B2 vs a Metuchen built B2?

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The inside of the deck lid on a Metuchen BOSS is left body color while the inside of a Dearborn BOSS deck lid is blacked out. Also the way the black is taped off on the inner lip of the rear body panel where the trunk shuts down on and the inner part of the panel between the rear glass and decklid is finished differently between the two factories. Sorry I do not have a picture to show. Mike G.