Author Topic: Hard going into gear????  (Read 344 times)

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Hard going into gear????
« on: September 22, 2019, 05:26:32 pm »
I just purchased a 12 Boss and was told about the shifting problems that seem to follow these cars...I read most every post about what was wrong and did 3 things that has drastically improved the shifting. 1. Blowfish only makes sense..along with a solid insert on the front arm that bolts to the felt more accurate.  2. Unplugged the skip shift harness...sometimes I want to use 3rd...don’t want to be told when.  3.  I noticed my friction point for the clutch was almost to the floor...thinking that during spirited shifting perhaps the trans isn’t being totally disconnected from the engine I sought ways to raise it...since it’s not adjustable I decided I needed to move more I decide a GT500 clutch master was my next step..ordered it and read that bleeding the master cylinder was difficult without a vacuum pulled on the I’ve always wanted a Misty Vac...the boys are grown so no one to pump the master cylinder on brake jobs..while waiting on the new clutch master to arrive I decided to hone my mitt vac skills so in pull a vacuum on the brake reservoir several times...guess what ...the friction point has risen to a normal level and the car shifts much better....there is no telling how much the synchros are worn due to an incomplete clutch release but for now it keeps me out of the transmission business...hope this help those experiencing similar issues.