Author Topic: Found Most Of The Drivetrain From 0T02G158151  (Read 202 times)

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Found Most Of The Drivetrain From 0T02G158151
« on: February 06, 2020, 09:56:14 am »
I recently purchased a 1967 Mustang coupe (shed find) project with a Boss 302 drivetrain. The car was somewhat disassembled in 1980 and then stored in a shed ever since. The woman I purchased the car from told me that she had bought the 1967 Mustang in 1970 from a Ford used car lot with a 289-2V and a 3 speed stick. She said that her husband had purchased the Boss drivetrain from a rolled over wrecked 1970 Boss 302 in the early 70's. Her husband owned a body shop at the time so the car was towed in and the drivetrain was removed and then the Boss was taken back out on a flatbed. It is unknown what became of the Boss after that but it's a good possibility the car went into the crusher. The vin number on the block was poorly stamped but I was able to make out the vin number on the transmission 0T158151. I got a basic Marti report which shows the car was built March 20th, (G) medium lime metallic, 63B (EA) black decor interior, (S) 3.50 traction-lok axle, (5) wide ratio transmission, (13) New York DSO, Ford dealer number 13I536. Although I don't know the dealer's name the number would suggest the Poughkeepsie NY area. I previously owned a 1970 Boss 302 which came from Kohl Motors Inc in Poughkeepsie NY and their dealer number was 13I537. I bought the 1967 Mustang coupe with the Boss drivetrain in the same area so it has has always been in the same area as the original selling Ford dealer. If anyone has any additional information on this car either it's miraculous resurrection or confirmation of it's actual demise would be appreciated. I have the drivetrain from front to back including the radiator, fan, motor, transmission, Hurst shifter assembly, bellhousing, flywheel, driveshaft, rear axle hub to hub, staggered shock plates and the leaf springs.