The BOSS 302 Registry 1970 Snorkel Tutorial

by Pat Whelan

with a little help at the end from a messageboard member

In this tutorial, I'm going to try and show you how to correctly identify an original 1970 BOSS 302 air cleaner snorkel with Ford engineering number D0ZF-9A626-B. Hopefully this will help the person just starting out in the hobby or some that are already in the hobby and want to reference the correct parts. As to common belief, the 1970 BOSS 302 snorkel is not unique to the Mustang and Cougar. The 1970 429 SCJ Torino also sported the Ford engineering D0ZF-9A626-B snorkel. The snorkel I will use for this tutorial is off a Dearborn BOSS 302. This snorkel is an early take off part with original paint and is a good candidate to reference from as it has never been modified and is the way it left the factory.

snork1.jpg (73643 bytes)
snork2.jpg (34188 bytes)
snork3.jpg (36216 bytes)
snork4.jpg (41350 bytes)
snork5.jpg (39062 bytes)
snork6.jpg (38670 bytes)
snork7.jpg (50059 bytes)
snork8.jpg (54298 bytes)
snork9.jpg (42381 bytes)
snork10.jpg (41107 bytes)

Note paint runs give the appearance this part was dipped. Details like this are usually lost during restoration.

snork11.jpg (41285 bytes)

Note part number stamp location below.

snork12.jpg (40505 bytes)
snork13.jpg (65405 bytes)
snork14.jpg (21238 bytes)
snork15.jpg (32625 bytes)
snork16.jpg (29857 bytes)
snork17.jpg (23322 bytes)
snork18.jpg (26213 bytes)

Following two photos are from John Slack. One final detail that many fakes get wrong is the flange that attaches the BOSS 302 snorkel has a 90 degree edge all of the way around the opening that bolts against the air cleaner body. Snorkels from other Fords have a small step on the face that bolts to the air cleaner body. This is about 1/2 inch wide or so and is actually at the bottom of a regular Ford snorkel and is an assembly indexer. When a regular snorkel flange is cut down this step is evident.

snork20.jpg (44380 bytes)
snork19.jpg (39699 bytes)

vs. an original below under restoration prior to painting.

snork21.jpg (26842 bytes)

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