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photos by Larry Cockerham
Parnelli in #15 '71 Trans-Am Car '69 Streer Trans-Am car #15 TA &133969 pits TA BOSS'S &133969 Trans Am pit lane
Larry Cockerham & #15 Follmer & Jones #2 Jones & Follmer Slot car track & boss 302 mustangs Boss slot raceway Home of the 70 trans-am lchm10th.jpg
photos by Kevin Roberts
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photo by Sam Colman - courtesy of David Bauer

1971 Trans-Am race

photo by Dean Ricci - courtesy of Ed Ludtke

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photos by Jim Aberts

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photos by someone...I lost his e-mail before I copied in his name
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photos by Nick Karadimas

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photos by Terry Miller

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No. 21971 T/A Body in white - Brian Ferrin

21971 body-in-white

Danny Moore from Oklahoma City in his Boss at Ponca City Grand Prix races in 1977 or 1978.
courtesy Tom Byers

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William Todd, Jr. This car raced in the TA class in both 1970 and 1971 (FIA) Daytona 24 Hours. In 1971 the drivers were Swede Savage, and Danny Ongais.


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