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Chrome Valve Covers

You believe everything you read, right? Especially when it is written in the BOSS 302 bible, Mustang BOSS 302 Ford's Trans-Am Pony Car by Donald Farr. Well, guess again. There was a little mix up in the wording under the picture for the chrome valve covers. The stuff below, now this you can believe.
"The printer must have screwed the caption up, because the '69 is on the left and the '70 is on the right."

6970valvcvrs3.jpg (23866 bytes)

"I can explain this one. Back in 1980 when I was looking for '69 chrome
valve covers for my yellow '69 I had at that time (9F02G190191) I found
a set taken off an early '70 (Yes, you guessed it, it was a Metuchen
car) and ASSUMED they were the same. I found out a little later when
comparing to a friends '69 they were different. I later found a true '69
set and replaced them. I have those early '70 covers hanging in my
garage today yet (Right, Dana?). All those pictures in Donald Farr's book
are of my '69, including the yellow '69 on the cover. He had virtually
no one contribute '69 shots for his book except me. So, I had a bunch of
pictures taken when the '70 style were on the car and I also took the
picture you see above. The printer must have screwed the caption up,
because the '69 is on the left and the '70 is on the right. In
hindsight, I should have taken all my pictures over when the correct
valve covers were replaced on the car. But, hey that was 20+ years ago
and who would have thunk it would have caused this kind of concern today?"

Randy Ream
"The photo below shows how to tell the difference. The valve cover on top
is an early '70, while the one on the bottom is a '69. The most notable
difference is the notched corner on the '70 version next to where the
oil cap goes. The '69 covers did not have the notch. Also, when the
valve cover is on the engine, the top of the '70 covers will be slightly
angled downward on the outboard edges. This of course causes the the oil
cap to sit at a slight angle. The '69 cover is flat on top and the oil
cap sits flat. All Boss 302 valve covers have drip rails on the insides."

Jim Kelly

6970valvcvrs2.jpg (13572 bytes)

Now in living color! Photos by Jim Kelly

6970valvcvrs1.jpg (99866 bytes)

1970                                                           1969

6970valvcvrs4.jpg (133946 bytes)

1969                                                            1970

6970valvcvrs5.jpg (108455 bytes) 1970

chromrcvr6.jpg (114305 bytes)


69chrcvr2.jpg (136653 bytes)


69chrcvr3.jpg (114838 bytes)


70chrcvr1.jpg (107992 bytes)


70chrcvr2.jpg (161200 bytes)


70chrcvr3.jpg (129885 bytes)



70chrcvr4.jpg (118828 bytes)


70chrcvr5.jpg (105417 bytes)


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